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Meeting Star Trek Actors


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I know people have posted before about meeting the Star Trek actors, but I thought it would be fun to have a thread devoted to the stories. Just want to know where you met them, how long ago, what it was like, and what they were like in real life.


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Report this Oct. 03 2012, 9:38 pm

I bumped into a nice looking guy at one of the Denver Conventions and didn't think much of it until I got home and was reading through my newest Starlog magazine.  Was reading the article about Jonathan Del Arco, the Borg named Hugh.  That was who I had bumped into!  Wish I had known that it was him!  I could have gotten an autograph!  Doh!

Other than that, I've seen some of the actors while they were talking on stage at the Denver Conventions, but never did get up close and personal, other than Jonathan, but I had no idea who he was at the time LOL

I got to see Gates McFadden and Patrick Stewart talk and I got to see, on the news, a few others that had signed autographs.  I did get to meet some authors and artists (ST trading cards and set designers), though!


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Report this Oct. 06 2012, 7:22 pm

I met Garrett Wang back when Voyager was in its first season. The convention I was attending was starting a new thing to limit the lines, and you needed to get a ticket (which was free) to meet with the celebrities. There were, of course, a finite number of tickets, and so you had to be fortunte enough to ask for one after they began giving them out but before the tickets were gone - no easy feat! At this particular convention, they had the cast from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I was interested in meeting them, so I asked for a ticket at the appropriate booth. The woman was really nice and said, "I'm sorry, we don't have any left. But I just received the Garrett Wang tickets. Would you like one?" This was quite the consolation prize, as I'm a huge Star Trek Fan and would have rather met Garrett than Mike and the bots anyway. Then the woman added, "You know, sometimes our special guests [the celebrities] are willing to meet with more people than just those who have tickets. If you wait at the end of the line for Mike, Kevin, and Bill, maybe they'll stay around longer and you can meet with them."

So as the line with Mike and the bots was winding down, I got into it (without a ticket), and shortly thereafter the woman heading up the line asks to see my ticket, and I try to explain that I don't have one but I was told that I might get to meet them anyway. Well you'd have thought I just ruined this woman's day!

"You DON'T have a ticket?! What are you doing here?" I thought she was going to call security. She then said, "You need to get lost, because I don't have time to deal with you," and at this point she starts yelling so everyone can hear her, "because I'm starting the Garrett Wang line here! ONLY people with tickets please!"

I said, "I've got a ticket for that." This only made her angrier, and she yanked my ticket away from me and gave me a glare as she looked to see if it was real. At the same time, about 100 people swiftly lined up behind me. After a second of looking at my ticket, she stomped off to collect tickets from the people behind me. Meanwhile, I was greeted by another woman taking her place at the front of the line; she was in charge of sending us up to meet Garrett, and she couldn't have been nicer. While Garrett was setting up she told me that the man helping him was Mike Russ, Tim Russ's brother. She said to be sure to say hi to Mike, because everyone always ignored him, wanting to talk to Garrett. So my turn comes to meet with the two of them, and the first thing I do is say, "Hi, Mr. Russ!"

He ignores me, looking off into space.


No answer. I figure he just doesn't want to talk to me and turn my attention to Garrett. "Hi, Mr. Wong!"

Garrett, however, turns to Mike, elbows him and says, "Hello, Mr. Russ? Are you with us?" At this point, Mike suddenly looks at the two of us and says, "What?" Garrett and I both begin laughing, which was great because it broke the ice and made me feel less nervous.

"He just said hello to you!" Garrett said. It turns out Mike wasn't ignoring me, but just zoning, and he was actually a pretty cool guy. The three of us talked for a short while, I collected an autograph, and then I was on my way. It was all a cool experience that I think about whenever I watch Voyager.

I also met Wil Wheaton at a convention a couple years ago. I was there for a book signing, and so I got to enter the convention before the regular attendees to set up. My book was all about The Lord of the Rings movies, so I asked Wil if he was a fan of them, and he said, "Hell yeah!" So I signed a book for him, hoping he would mention it to his 1 million fans on the internet. I don't think he's ever tweeted about it, but I did get a photo of me, him, and the book:


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Good story Celedor - is that ticket system still used at conventioms?

"There are always alternatives" Spock


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I don't think so. That was Gen Con back in the 90s. They tried it for a couple years, and then they abandoned it because it wasn't working very well. Now they just cut off the lines at a certain point.



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Report this Oct. 07 2012, 12:20 pm

Sorry, I don'tmean to cut into anyone's conversation here, but I'm new..not sure what to do or what to post, but i will start with...oh, I don'tknow...Merry Meet...hi, everyone!!, and it looks like we all have a rank when we does this work..?..the more we post, the higher in rank we get..?...the longer we are here, the higher in rank we get..?..or both?

randy kerr

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i,m still a newbie myself.


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Report this Oct. 21 2012, 2:05 pm

Does seeing them on stage at a convention count?

Ultra Trek

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Report this Nov. 03 2012, 9:41 pm

I have met Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, John DeLancie, Avery Brooks, and Chase Masterson. I met them all at the Creation Entertaiment's Nashville 2013 Star Trek Convention, and they are all so nice. For each one, I have to say, Jonathan Frakes is hilarious, as is George Takei. LeVar Burton is so polite, as is Avery Brooks who is also very funny. John DeLancie, and Marina Sirtis were both very nice. Nichelle Nichols, and Chase Masterson are so sweet. It was wonderful, and I hope to see them at more conventions. They really make it a hit, because everyone of them is all so..... fascinating. They're all very talented, wondeful people.


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Report this Dec. 27 2012, 11:44 am

Before Next Generations aired, I was touring Paramount Studios, got to see the partial filming of the pilot, with a friend of mine..June Huxtable. She was Majel Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises product designer, it was awesome hanging out with Majel. Especially going to Majels pea green colored house she owned up in the hills of L.A., I also worked with Majel at her table a couple times with Raina, her assistant: Shore Leave & Big E Con. Anyhow, as we were walking around outside the sound stages, this Jeep comes flying through the lot and almost ran us over. I started yelling at the driver, called him an asshole. Jeep stopped and the guy stepped out asking if we were alright, he was running late and apologized. Didn't think anything of it, then the night the show aired....there he was...OMG! It was Jonathan Frakes I yelled at, I felt bad. At the first con I went to, he was a guest. I mentioned the incident to him and he was SO sweet, he still remembered it. I've met many Trek actors, most actors were true gems and a few were total pricks. One gem was meeting Spice Williams, she played in Star Trek 5 as the Klingon female. I met her by chance, I worked with the insurance company who handled the hotel where her Star Trek 5 crew jacket was stolen at a hotel at Tyson's Corner back in the 90's, I called her and we talked. We've been friends ever since, she by far loves her fan base. She has her own website and she is also on Facebook, she is definitely a top pick to have as a guest at conventions since she is very fan friendly and personable. I would also recommend Todd Bryant too, talk about gorgeous. Hands off ladies, he's a married man.


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Report this Jan. 20 2013, 5:29 pm

The most Star Trek actors i met was at Destination London in October 2012, i had previously met Brent Spiner at a Collectormania event in Manchester.

Having come face to face with Shatner, Stewart, Brooks among many others i was over the moon to say the least but the quirky moment for me had to be my first five minutes in the convention, i was walking through taking in the size of the crowds and who would i bump into but Brent Spiner walking through the crowd like one of the fans, he shook my hand asking how i was as well as shaking my friends hand we were abit taken aback at first but he was so nice as well as later at our photo op having a laugh with us all, such a genuinely nice man


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I was at the Boston Star Trek convention a few years ago and talked to Ethan Phillips briefly in the elevator. William Shatner also said "hi" to me 


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Report this May. 04 2013, 6:20 pm

I met James Doohan under quite trying circumstances in the late '90's.  It was a cold, foggy, rainy, winter day in San Francisco, and Mr. Doohan had a lone table in Justin Herman Plaza signing photos.  I don't know why his people set him up like that.  There were virtually no one there and it was terribly cold.

I had just happened by as I was cutting across the Plaza on my coffee break and I was gobsmacked. Scotty was one of my faves (McCoy was the other) from TOS, and I was completely starstruck.  In a shushed, awed tone, I said, "Mr. Doohan, may I get you some coffee, or some tea, or something to eat?"  He ignored me. (I was the only person at the table at that time.) I asked again and he looked down and away.  I felt horrible.  I think that he thought that I was winding him up.  I was just so timid that I didn't know if I should try to strike up conversation, or just let him be.  He looked sad. So I thanked him for the photo and left, feeling all churned up inside.  He didn't speak a word to me.

I ran back to the Bank where I worked, straight to our department's IT guy and handed him the signed photo.  He was totally awed. "You mean you don't want to keep it?" he asked.  I told him the story and how ashamed I felt--that perhaps Mr. Doohan had thought I was being sarcastic or rude.  I thought it was very gracious of him to give me a free signed photo.  I'm sure most stars would have charged for them. So no, I don't think he was a jerk, but I wish I had had a better interaction with him. He was a war hero as well as a good man, and I would have liked to hear some of his stories.  (And no, I didn't notice his missing finger.)


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Report this May. 05 2013, 10:07 am

James Doohan was probably just humiliated, Shirtless,
at having to accept these deplorable conditions. Hell, it
certainly would've never come up for Shatner. And then,
to have someone take pity on him, however well-intentioned,
only confirmed how pitiful the situation actually was. Believe me,
he knew you were not being sarcastic, or rude. I am sure of it.

He was just feeling very sorry for himself. Rightfully so, perhaps.


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Report this May. 05 2013, 3:36 pm

A little over a year ago at Denver's Starfest I went up to meet Jon G. Hertzler that played Martok from Deep Space Nine. He not only played one of the best Klingons from the whole Star Trek universe, but he was really cool to meet in person. I mentioned that I thought he was one of the better Klingons next to Kor, and he totally agreed with me! LOL   I hope to have to same encounter with Michael Dorn at this years CON in Chicago, cause he too was a great Klingon and those two served each other well! 

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