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Star Trek RP


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  Hi all! 

This is a Star Trek RP for anyone who'd like to join! Please give me your character. No characters that already exist are allowed.




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Canora Ann Daggarscreech. A vulcan raised on earth who eventoual married a klingon Archeologist in a strange turn of events that lead to her new husbands untimely death. She somehow managed to erase all official records of him, accept for the name of his daughter, Kathluth(nicknamed Katrine). Canora is the captain of a modified ship known as the U.s.s bassalisk's tongue. Hight:about 74 inches. weight: 153 pounds: appearance: very pale with long, strait red hair. tall and suprisingly thin:considering her height and weight. she does not, to other vulcan's dismay, care as much for absolute logic as most of her race. she is a brilliant microbiologist with experiance in a wide variety of studies such as archeology, bioengineering, and others.

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