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Who's your DS9 crush - and why?


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I'm thinking Leeta...but I wouldn't call it a crush.

Maybe Ezri was more close to an actual crush for me.

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Susan Shalabi Molano

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I have 3

1- Weyoun: I like his contradictions: subtle, over-confident and ruthless, but vulnerable, cautious and insecure; loyal, subservient and obesqious, then treacherous, manipulative and capable of defecting; curious, playful and questioning, yet orthodox in his faith; cowardly and brave...I could go on and on..but I also like his voice, facial expression, and the effiminate way he talks..Always reminds me of a cat, or rather a kitten pretending to be a big cat 

2- Garak: If someone is subtle and sharp, that's the man. Always has a clever line to say, and excels in manuevering and manipulation like no other can. His combination of mystery and charm; his lies and truths, and the fact that he knows exactly what he wants make him one of the best Star Trek characters ever  (though I liked him less in the last season).

He has scary eyes, doesn't he?

3- Ducat: The perfect villain, multi-layered and with an insane intelligence.  A character of shakspearean proportions that I never get bored listening over and over to his lines and the way he delivers them.

I like the way he carries his posture

4- Odo: I like him mainly because he's an excellent actor. He's the man behind the mask, yet tells a million lines with only his eyes. 


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Kira.  If you like tough crush objects, Kira's the one.  Sure, Dax and Worf are pretty tough and practiced in the holosuite... but Kira lived the life of a resistance fighter for about two decades, and if you lose as a resistance fighter you can't just freeze the program.

She's also spiritual and surprisingly romantic.



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Kira Nerys. I like angry women.

And she's beautiful.

Except on Tuesday.


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Total crush on Jadzia....  my only issue was that they didn't leverage her beauty enough in the series... 

That is all.... Empok Nor Station Manager


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Mine would definitely be Jadzia Dax. She was intelligent and beautiful. It didn't bother me that she used to be an old man (Curzon Dax).

Anime Odo

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I Love Odo!!! He has prettie eyes  (so fun to draw)

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The redhead from "Who Mourns for Morn?".  Cuz she's hot.

Main character wise, I'd have to go with The Intendent.  If I HAVE to pick a main universe main character, it's Jadzia.


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Quote: SansDeity @ Dec. 09 2012, 1:31 pm


>The redhead from "Who Mourns for Morn?".  Cuz she's hot.

Agreed.  Always thought it was a shame she'll end up spending her hottest years in some prison somewhere.



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I agree that the Intendant is incredibly sexy but I'd be afraid because any relationship/seduction would not be free of ulterior motives and possible death, maiming, or otherwise serious harm to myself.


My crush is a tie between Ezri and Leeta.  For me both of them a classic sweetheart, girl next door kind of appeal.  Not to forget that both are quite sexy.


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And both of them dated MY crush!

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Arnus of Terminus

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Kira Nerys becuase that Bajoran got BOOTY.


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The exploding Tribble from season five.

I'm thinking of holding a memorial service.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?

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