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I noticed, this evening, while reading a couple of episode-related entries here, that they purport to take place a century apart. Obviously, this has to be a typo, because all the TOS episodes happen in the same century (or at least start and end there). The first one to look at is "Miri," wherein we get the reference to the year 2266. The second is within the reference to the drink Tranya (not the episode "The Corbomite Maneuver" that the drink is introduced in, but rather in the seperate entry dedicated to the drink itself), where it says Starfleet is introduced to it in the year 2366. That's a difference of 100 years! But these two episodes are nowhere near that far apart. The former episode, "Miri," is the 8th episode of season 1, while the latter episode, "The Corbomite Maneuver," is the 10th episode of season 1. It seems unlikely 100 years would pass between just two assignments of Kirk's command of the Enterprise. So this has to be a mistake...and yes, in fact, I do want a medal.


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Don't over think or try to micro manage the situation. The stardates are a work of fiction and didn't always jive as there is no actual thing. In those days the writers just stuck a number in that sounded good.

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