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What Next?


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With the wrap up of Enterprise in 2005 and the latest feature film already 3 years behind us, I was wondering what people would like to see next from the star trek franchise....more movies? another series?

Personally i'd like to see another series with the plot complexity and political intrigue of DS9...perhaps something along the lines of the fabulous novel series The Typhon Pact


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Personally, I think that any new series/movie should completely disregard any and all non-canon works. Here's my idea:

The setting is in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants from 2387 onward. Basically, it depicts happenings in the region following the destruction of Romulus. The Romulans are having tons of problems, both political (they lost their capital world, after all) and not (Klingons are invading?). Tons of other powers, both known and unknown, are taking advantage of the chaos, and the Federation tries to stay afloat during all of this.

The show should be set on a small escort-like ship - perhaps an Akira- or Norway-class - called either USS Resolute or USS Dauntless, that's travelling the region doing missions for Starfleet, and which keeps getting dragged into conflicts between opposing factions. It wouldn't do a lot of exploring, but it would frequently encounter previously unknown races that are beseiging the region.

Characters: must have a non-human captain. Gender doesn't matter to me. I would like to see an exotic-looking alien in the senior staff; perhaps a Bolian, Andorian, or Cardassian. Someone whose race has their own agenda, and who must choose between helping his/her people or the Federation (like Worf).

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A non human captain would be awesome and provide a deeper exploration of the cultural diversity of the federation. Not sure which race would make the best captain material, at first glance i'd say vulcan, but i'm not sure if a captain entirely goverened by reason and logic would make for compelling television.

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I would also go for a series afterwards the Dominion War, but an more timeobserving UFP to protect events. That would bring up interfiering with threats & maybe would go against the charter.


It would be a timetravelling Trek series though.

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