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Hello Trekkies!


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Hello, forum! I am a new user on this site (just registered maybe 15 minutes ago), and thought I might as well go ahead and introduce myself. I'm hoping it's considered the logical thing to do. I'm a young trekkie, well, high school age, but Star Trek has been so inspiring! It's changed a lot of my outlook, in a weird way. Whenever I don't want to do my homework, beit math or anatomy, I'm always left thinking about Scotty, Spock, and McCoy. "Well, gee, if I want to work on the Enterprise like them, I'm gonna have to get this done." I've been getting "A"s since! I also have a set of action figures who study with me. I'm a big fan of retrofuturism, and Star Trek really has given me everything I could possibly want. Not only is it totally visually pleasing, I LOVE the whole world it creates, the future to look forward to, with all of these unique alien races and planets. I've always been a fan of space and I wanted to be an astronaut, and the Enterprise whizzing through space is just, as Spock would say, fascinating! I think what makes Star Trek so great is the sense of wonder that I get from the show, and the technology in it is amazing! I'm impressed to learn how the show has influenced the more "modern" times that I live in. Another aspect of the show I like is the friendship between Kirk and Spock, Mccoy, and the rest of the crew. I enjoy their compatibility and lack of drama (for the most part), which is unlike other shows I've seen. They always leave me with a good feeling, because they truly are GOOD people.
My top favorite characters are probably Kirk and Spock, because I admire their deep friendship and the way they work together (and I admire each of them individually- Spock being totally loyal and disciplined, Kirk being a brave take-no-flack Captain) and for a long time I didn't really like McCoy but boy has he grown on me! He's a funny guy. Scotty is also a great guy, (I only had issues with him when he was so infatuated with this girl early in season 2 with Apollo, SERIOUSLY SCOTTY BACK OFF WOULD YA?), and Uhura, being the only woman on the bridge, is inspiring to someone like myself!

I'm not sure about my favorite Alien race, though I can assure you it is not the romulans or the klingons. I really liked the Talosians from The Cage and then the episode after where Spock is on trial and they take Capt. Pike. I thought the twist of them being so benevolent at the end was interesting, when the humans were "not suitable" because they'd rather die than be held captive. They also had compassion and gave the blonde girl, whose name I have forgotten, the illusion of youth and beauty, which was kind. 

Sorry, this is getting long. I just don't really have anyone I know to talk to Star Trek about, kids my age are into different fandoms (though I am also into Doctor Who which is pretty popular now). It's so exciting to find this forum! Not sure why I haven't thought of this before.

WELL, anyways, hello! I'm excited to be here! LLAP!


P.S. I also like Chekov because of how boyish he is, his references to Russia, and his accent is enjoyable. SULU is also a good cast member, I like when he gets deluded and starts fencing fighting, which he has done on a few occasions. They're all really necessary parts of the team. I just had to add them in.




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Howdy and welcome!  Always good to see new fans!  I kind of agree with you about Scotty in 'Who Mourns for Adonais?'  I am glad that Scotty got back to himself after that one

I'm one that likes all the series and almost all of the movies.  I have seen each movie at least once, but there are a couple that I haven't seen more than twice.

Have fun and hope to see you post more

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Welcome, when I first started reading your post and you said you were high-school age, I thought you'd have got into Trek through one of the later series or even the Abrahms film, but it's great that you like TOS so much, youKre right it's the relationships between the leads, which were developed in a non-soap opera type way, which made it so strong.

Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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