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flood-control system


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Report this Sep. 24 2012, 1:37 pm

I had sent this concept to my city's public water office, and the person who responded liked the idea.  But, I never heard anything more about it.  Please see what you think.

Large empty metal tanks would be buried in areas of a city that frequently flood.  Water pouring into them would rise until they reached the Archimedes screws at the end of each tank. Water pressure would turn these screws, and the water would rise in them, away from the tank.  Reaching the high end of the screw, gravity would pull the water away, downhill and downriver, in the pipes along the river bank (for example).  At the bottom of each pipe, another Archimedes screw would lift the water again, carrying it in the pipes along the bank, downstream and away from the flooded area.

These pipes, alternating between the slanted pipes and the Archimedes screw, would carry the flood-waters away from the flooded areas and then empty them into the river downstream, where the banks were high enough there would be no flooding in that location.

Gravity and the Archimedes screw would move the excess water away, with no need of any pumps or any other mechanical device!  All you would have to do would be to have someone make sure silt, leaves, or other debris didn't clog up the filters over the drains into the collecting tanks.

What do you think?

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