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Quantum Slipstream Drive


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When Voyager installs the new slip stream drive they are able to sustain the slip stream for 17 seconds. Post that the slip stream collapses. harry kim from the future manages to give them the corrected slip stream phase variations parameters and saves the voyager. Well it takes the voyager nearer to earth by 10 years. So instead of uninstalling the slip stream drive they could have used it only for 15 seconds and used harrys parameters in 4 bursts they could get to earth..



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The same could be said of breaking the Warp 10 barrier. If the Doctor cured the weird salamander evolution thing then why not just use it, go home, and have the doctor cure it.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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Hmm some what correct. actually the evolution is not degradation. So the doctor could not really make a difference per say. I guess. or maybe the doctor may have some up his sleeve to make it happen. Trans Warp is possible.


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I've come to both of the same conclusions


1) Earth was reachable in four slipstream jumps. Even so, with Harry's assistance it surely would be possible for them to perfect the procedure

2) Having broken warp 10 - it was then possible for Voyager to return if the crew so chose. The EMH should not have an issue with the Salamander result as it was proven to be a stage of evolution, not an illness. If they didn't want to evolve, they could go through the transporter as Dr Pulaski did in "Unnatural Selection"to return their bodies to an earlier genetic state

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