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What are your favorite Deep Space Nine episodes?


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No wonder!  

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In the Pale Moonlight is terrific...  but it's hard to limit to just one or a few...  It's hard to rule out The Visitor, Hard Time, Nor the Battle to the Strong, and Accession.

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All the ones with Odo

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Yeah that was truly horrible.I guess I don't wanna miss it..

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Quote: AmparoDemiranda @ Nov. 28 2012, 9:13 pm


>Yeah that was truly horrible.I guess I don't wanna miss it..

>horseback riding Mexico

Sure you're in the right thread?

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The Search, Badda-Bing Badda-bang, Looking For Par'mak In All The Wrong Places, The Tears of the Prophets, Dax, The Way of the Warrior, Business As Usual, The Reckoning, Emmisary...


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Best episode beyond the shadow of a doubt was "In the Pale Moonllight" . It gave me a deep respect for Sisko and Garak. You do what you gotta do to get the job done. Life aint all roses and chocolate kisses. Not to mention the guy that played senator Vrenak did a great job. I've seen him in a lot of shows that guy was the right guy for the part.


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So many great episodes.  Today I watched Improbable Cause + The Die Is Cast, so for today that's my favorite

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I like "Duet" very much. I think, it's definitive my favourite episode.

But there are quite a lot of good episodes and a top three or something like that is really difficult.



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I honestly believe that the majority of Star Trek's most gripping, memorable, and thought-provoking episodes have come from Deep Space Nine. That does not mean I am unappreciative of the ground work laid by its predecessors.  However, DS9 has the record for most masterfully written, acted, and produced hours in the franchise. Here is my personal list of top Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes:


1) Tacking Into the Wind: It amazes me that this episode gets so little recognition. Perhaps it's because "Tacking" gets buried beneath the rest of the thrilling Final Chapter arc. Regardless, this is DS9 at its finest. In only forty-five minutes, this episode manages to capture everything that made this show great. Despite the fates of interstellar civilizations hanging in the balance, the real drama can be found in the characters and their relationships with each other. For anyone that needs a reminder about how great DS9 can be, check this episode out again!

2) In the Pale Moonlight: One of the most controversial episodes in the franchise, "In the Pale Moonlight" does what Deep Space Nine does best: an intense character study and ethical analysis set against DS9's complex political backdrop. Avery Brooks is often criticized for his unique acting style, but he conveys Sisko's inner confliction and escalating doubt with near perfection. The sense of foreboding throughout is palpable, especially considering that the outcome will have a lasting impact on the entire Star Trek universe. This episode displays an intensity that I just never saw in any of the other Star Trek series.

3) Rocks and Shoals: Once again, Deep Space Nine demonstrates its own unique brand of Star Trek. Though the Dominion War rages, DS9's writers prove that the show's focus remains on its characters, not on space battles and action sequences. Instead, the recent change in status quo during the Occupation arc is used as a means of further exploring the wonderful cast the series has assembled over the past five seasons. Director Mike Vejar provides his usual distinctive visual style which only adds to the emotional weight of the episode. Two separate stories are intertwined in this piece, both equally fascinating. Kira's descent into Dominion compliance coupled with Sisko's realization of the futility of war makes for one terrific hour of television.

4) The Changing Face of Evil: "Changing Face" is one roller coaster of an episode that will leave you breathless and cheering for more. It also further demonstrates how sweeping and cinematic the series has become. This is a thrilling hour of television full of ironies and revelations, seamlessly hopping from one storyline to another. What amazes me is that DS9 still manages to pack more character moments than any of its fellow series, despite also baring the weight of the single largest story arc ever attempted in Star Trek. Within the last ten minutes alone, viewers will experience tragic loss, stunning realizations, and an exhilarating new prospect for episodes to come.

5) Call to Arms: Like TNG's "The Best of Both Worlds," this installment captures a sense of foreboding and inevitability as the Alpha Quadrant is plunged into chaos. The final act almost manages to surpass "The Best of Both Worlds" in terms of building excitement for the season to come. The problems created in "Call to Arms" seem so insurmountable that it leaves viewers unsure whether the resolution will come by next episode. Though this season finale ends with a Federation defeat, the episode comes off as a triumph in that it opens up endless new opportunities for the show's characters and setting.


Other favorites:

6) The Visitor

7) In Purgatory’s Shadow/ By Inferno’s Light

8) Necessary Evil

9) Improbable Cause/ The Die is Cast

10) What You Leave Behind

11) Duet

12) The Siege of AR-558

13) Rapture

14) Chimera

15) The Way of the Warrior



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1. Family Business

2. Rejoined

3. The Ascent

4. Profit and Lace


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I really love a lot of episodes, but lately I find myself really loving What You Leave Behind. I really get into everything that is going on. Especially with Damar and Kira & Odo. You never think that you will one day be rooting for the Cardassians, but I find myself really wanting Cardassia to have it's freedom from the fearsome Dominion. I LOVE Garrak (and Mila). And I am baffled everytime when the female Changeling orders Weyoun to eradicate the entire Cardassian population. Oh and I LOVE Weyoun too. But I wait impatiently for the moment in the Fire Caves when Dukat is revived by the Pah-Wraiths. Dukat is the BEST villian in Star Trek history IMO.


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I really, really like Waltz.  It proves you can make a great show without fancy special effects.  All you need is a great writer and director (Rene Auberjonois) and two fantastic actors.



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I liked the story arcs in the 6th and 7th seasons the best. They are like 2 long episodes for me. It would be great to have them all edited together to make one long film. 




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I really love The Assignment, Sons and Daughters, A Time to Stand, Favor the Bold and Sacrafice of Angels, You Are Cordially Invited..., Waltz, Inquisition.... I love so many episodes. Way too many to name here. 

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