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What are your favorite Deep Space Nine episodes?


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forgot past tense I&II and 1 little ship, plus I love it whenever Ben is on, he fav char in all of trek

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Quote: lobes_of_borg @ Sep. 24 2012, 12:49 am


>Nothing beats 'In the Pale Moonlight' !


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The entire arc from Call to Arms to Sacrifice of Angels. The finale arc. The Jem'Hadar. Duet.

All of it, really. It's hard to pick favorite episodes of Deep Space Nine. That's why I love it. The work as a whole can't be broken down into pieces; it tells one big story from beginning to end. Even the so-called standalone episodes are woven into the fabric of the bigger story.

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I actually think many of the later episodes get much more praise than they deserve. Some of the best DS9 were early- and mid-series episodes. I'm watching season 2 Tribunal now, for instance. It is a truly great episode: the acting, the story's construction, the way it implicates and proceeds from the larger DS9 story, the way it builds and maintains tension, the suspense. Its one weakness may be its resolution: comes too quickly and wraps up too easily, a common problem with post-TNG star trek. I'm curious to read what others think of the episode.


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All of them!!

but Emissary is great.


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The epsiode when Odo had to melt down into Lawxana's sweet. 



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No, trekdiane, no.      The ones that star Odo  love them.

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By far, I LOVED "Far Beyond the Stars" and "Waltz".  So far, anyway.  I haven't finished the series yet. (I'm watching it on netflix.)

I'll add more "favorite" episodes after I finish the series and do some evaluation.


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I got a bunch, but a few would be The Visitor, Waltz, Duet, Call to Arms, Favor the Bold/Sacrifice of Angels, In the Pale Moonlight, Inquisition, Field of Fire, Distant Voices,  and most episodes actually 

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Duet, Trials and Tribble-ations, Waltz, and To the Death are the first few that come to mind.


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I don't know all the episode names but the ones I always think of when it comes to my favorites:

1) Children of Time

2) What you Leave Behind

3) The one where the Pah Wraith takes over Keiko

4) The one where O'Brien keeps running into his future self and tries to prevent the station from blowing up

5) The 2 parter where the Tal Shiaar and the Obsidian order go into the Gamma Quadrant and get their asses kicked by the Dominion

6) The one where Quark considers selling weapons of mass destruction

7) The Visitor!!

But honestly there are so many good episodes. Conversely, the episode I thought that was the absolute most terrible by far was the one with Vanessa Williams and Risa. That was TERRIBLE haha.

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Trials and Tribble-ations is my favorite episode and trouble with tribbles was cleverly editied.

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