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Ideas for the ultimate Star Trek DVD collection.


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For the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, I would love to see a new Box Set for Star Trek, an ultimate collection that includes every series and every movie. I'd be fine including the Abrams films, but also fine not including them, as they tend to be kept seperate from the Roddenberry/Berman era of Trek.

Assuming it's all been completed by this point, I think every series should be in blu ray for this collection, and should include The Animated Series.

And I'd want to see the extended versions of Star Trek The Motion Picture and Wrath of Kahn and The Undiscovered Country.

Some new things I'd like to see in this set, is new and more commentaries for Enterprise episodes, and commentaries for various episodes in the other Trek series. As well as deleted scenes from all the series.

I'd love the old interviews from cast and crew, as well as some new cast and crew interviews.

I'd love an elaborate and imaginative box set for the collection.

I'm picturing DS9, with all all the ships from all the other series docked, but I have no idea how that could be done, while being able to hold all the discs.

Maybe a large box with photos of the station with all the various ships?

Some various papers in the set for each series, going into some details as to what was happening within the franchise at the time of each season or film. As well as a list of episodes on how to watch in the original airdate order. By that I mean watching TNG and DS9 together, and DS9 and Voyager together as they were when they aired, and knowing when to watch a TNG film when it would've been released.

Enterprise could be left for personal preference. But if watching in order, regardless of whether you consider Enterprise to the beginning of the story or the end, you'll end up watching it after Voyager and before TOS. Well before TOS, if you re-watch the franchise again.

I'd also like for the original TOS and remastered TOS to be available. And remastered TNG as well.

Of course by then I'd hope for all of the series to be remastered.

I'd also like a bonus disc of Trek trivia, kind of like a more elaborate Star Trek Scene it.

I realize if anything like this were made, it would have to be insanely expensive. Probably at least $1,000 dollars easily, but it would be so epic and I think it would be perfect for the 50th Anniversary of Trek.


Anyone else have any cool ideas to add?


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"Anyone else have any cool ideas to add?"


I guess not

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