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I have watched all episodes of TOS and Enterprise.  I'm starting to work through TNG, DS9 and Voyager.  So maybe there's something out there I'm not aware of despite the fact that Enterprise was the last series.

So, this is what came to my mind: I know there are folks who like the new movie, new alternate reality factor, etc.  I'll admit I would have rather seen a historical film of how Kirk and his crew came to be - and frankly, that's what I was expecting, but as we all know, that's not what happened.

The Enterprise series established a watchdog group who monitor the timeline.  Shouldn't "Daniels" have paid a visit to Kirk and to get him to get the timeline the way things were supposed to be?  I know there are those that would say that "universe" still exists, seems to me that now Spock Prime has his work cut out for him telling him, "Jim, you gotta go back in time and get a humpback whale" and go through all the episodes and stories so all the lives Kirk saved because of his actions and all will still happen??

No, I'm not a time-travel temporal-cold-war "Daniels" fan.  Just a continuity thing.....

Did the writers think of all that before they decided on this new story?

And once again, I could be over-analyzing it all....LOL


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Just a little over analyzing. lol But, hey, that's what we as Star Trek fans do. My best friend and I have spent years over analyzing episodes and movies. As to the writers, only they know what they were thinking, but as seems to be so very prevalent with Star Trek, the right series doesn't know what the left movie is doing. Even Enterprise was a continuity error (I believe, although some disagree with me). I think that all they were thinking was of the basic "let's do an alternate timeline so we don't piss off the fans with our new stories" and not how it would ultimately work out with all the lives that were saved and all the sort of thing. Very narrow focused, these writers. And, besides, as we've seen from the very first episode of TOS, continuity has never been a very important thing to the writers.

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I believe it's been stated that Nero's Temporal Incursion caused a divergence timeline. Technically, the Prime Universe is still going on as we all remember it, it's just that the producers are focusing on a whole different timeline.

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Technically, based on everything that had come beforehand, it seems logical that Danoiels SHOULD have come back to stop Nero. Because if going back in time just creates branch alternate realities, what's the point of trying to keep people from changing the past?

It's no doubt an oversight from Orci and Kurtsman, but with 40+ years of history on their hands, it was almost unavoidable with their concept of doing a reboot that's not fully a reboot.


Then again, maybe the black hole just sent Spock and Nero to an alternate reality, not just to the past. That would mean they fall out of Daniel's jurisdiction, and it'd explain why the Kelvin looks more advance than any other mid-23ed century ship,a nd why Delta Vega is right next to Vulcan.

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