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Star Trek Experience. Bring it back!...Please?


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I gotta say that I thank God I got a chance to experience The Experience before they shut it down. The Voyager-Borg scenario was awesome, but the TNG-Klingon shuttle ride was by far the best of the two. I just recently returned to Vegas, and the trip was a little empty not being able to see it again. Can any body explain why it closed? I assume it was a financial thing, but if there were other reasons, please let me know.


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Probably was a financial thing, and they probably thought the novelty had worn off, or something. What I would say is revive it, but not in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is expensive. So, at a place where it can be more affordable to the ST fan masses. And, if it is at such a place, more people will attend, and so they'll make more money.

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I had wanted to visit the ST Experience, but sadly I never got to.  But I have enjoyed seeing others friends pictures of it

Hopefully someday they will open another one and I can go to that one

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I have a few copies of Star Trek Communicator, and Star Trek: The Magazine that mention it. Did they close down Quark's, and the transporter, and bridge sets that you can take you picture on? Never been, but still think it would be awesome to have a picture taken on the bridge of the Enterprise.


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I went to the start trek exhibition where they have some of the stuff from the experience.  THey have a full recreation of the TOS bridge, as well as some more recent props. In speaking with the staff they mentioned that they had a ton of stuff in storage waiting for more room, and they are working on expanding.  It's not the experience but as close as we're going to get right now. for more info


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I think it would be nice if someone like Disney or Universal Studios got it to set it up as a permanent attraction in their park. I know neither one of them own Trek but a deal could be worked out and being in a theme park makes the most sense. Kind of like Star Tours at Disney or the Harry Potter land at Universal.

Otherwise feel free to set it up in my back yard so I can enjoy it.

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I wish there's a Star Trek Land Amusement Disneyland. I want to walk on the hallway of the ship w/ Staff walking around or a scene going on, like in some Attraction places in UK. /JCB

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