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The USS Endeavor a new simm for Star Trek Role Play by Email.


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Report this Sep. 19 2012, 6:28 pm

I have just recieved command of a simm in Obisidian Fleet.  It is the USS Endeavor, a Nebula Class ship.  I am looking for unique and uncommon characters to run a simm that is challenging and rewarding to the general gamer.


My character is based on Edward Teach or Blackbeard to give you an idea what I mean when I say unique characters and a fun gaming environment.  According to Fleet rules the game is PG 13 and so that is how I will have to run it.  Minimum posting requiremnts will be twice a week for senoir officer and once a week for junior officers.  Right now all positions except CO and CMO are open.  I am not really sure this is the right part of the forum to place this ad, but it seemed the best of the available options.  I am still building the website but I do have a bit up.  The game will be SMS and I look forward to havinga great time with my players, focusig a lot on character development and interaction.


the website is

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