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End of "Kir'Shara."  I don't recall this ever finding an end or what happened with those two.  


Also, end of "Two Days and Two Nights" - just who was Keyla?  


Do you think the writers hoped to resolve these issues if the show hadn't been cancelled?


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Not necessarily. As much as they seem to enjoy multiple episode story arcs and having characters make returns, sometimes they just intend for it to be a one episode event with no correct resolution. I always kind of wondered about the woman from Two Days And Nights, but it seemed as if she did all they intended for her to do and moved on. I don't have Season 4, so I don't remember Kir'Shara.

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I imagine Talok the Romulan would have shown up again during Season 5. As for the random woman in "Two Days and Two Nights", I don't think so.

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