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Warp Drive


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Now THAT is exciting!

Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to space.


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One area that Einstein did not equate into his E=MC2 was that fact that light is absorbed by various material where the material converts the UV Rays into useable energy.

Such energy although no longer in UV form does in fact add mass to an object.

If physicists can figure out the mechanism involved where biological matter converts UV to energy especially in humans and create an artificial means of supplying the same UV that humans need but from inside the ship while the ship itself blocks out the same UV rays from the sun then the effect of the UV rays upon a human will be conquered.

Think about it.

If a human and the UV rays of the sun are interacting with each other a certain velocity so that the human body is able to absorb and convert the UV rays into energy what would happen to those cells if all of sudden that energy source was taken away?

Most likey instant death as the light photons would be ripped from the humans body causing total orgin failure.

Now what would happen if a ship excellerated to light speed and faster speeds?

The human body would be forced to absorded almost 1000 times more UV rays in a single moment than the body normally would. Such saturation of human cells at such and extreme rate of velocity would most likely cause the cells to mutate causing instantaneous cancer cells to develop through the human body thus killing the human almost instantly.

The next problem is developing a field that would first bend Dark Matter around the ship and then as the Dark Matter collapses behind the ship the mass of the collapse would drive the ship forward.

Simply take a balloon and squeeze the end where it was tied up at until the balloon is propelled away from you.

Think of your hand as Dark Matter and the balloon as the field around the ship.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.


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Clarifying that Photons do in fact have a mass potential and do create mass.

Since biological entities absorb the sunlight and convert it to energy the very systems of the biological entity that convert and use the energy of the photon grow in size as the demand for more energy from the cells of body increase.

As more cells come together and the increase of converted energy is needed the internal furnace of the collector and convertor increases in size where gravitational forces effect the energy processing and conversion center to give the body a certain amount of weight or mass within a gravitational environment.

If it wasn't for the suns energy being able to be converted by our cells into energy that the other cells needed for our bodies to grow we would still be like the microscopic ameoba and paramecium that cannot evolve because they do not have the ability to convert that suns energy into mass that increases the systems of the body that fuels the other cells of the systems of the body.

So yes a light photon once again does have a mass potential which is present in the conversion process from UV form into orgin and tissue mass of sentient being.

The Higgs Boson may be the key to the transference of the photonic mass potential into bodily mass.

In one movie about the Higgs Boson it showed how some wavy particles passed through the particles inside of the Higgs Boson while others clumped to certain particles in varrying amounts thus adding mass to each particle.

It could be said that these particles are present in the conversion process between photons and the various organic systems of a humans body. The conversion center should convert the energy of the light photon into useable energy based upon the particles that clump to the cell similar to how they clump in the Higgs Boson.

The key with Higgs Boson is to figure out why some particles do not clump like the other particles.

Once this field is figured out it could then be projected around a starship to repel particles that would otherwise clump to materials such as metal, fiber, plastic and organic tissue.

The interior field would then project a field similar to the Higgs Boson inside of the ship so that synthetic photons could be emitted that would provide the body with the energy it needed on a daily basis.

We need to unthink what Einstein said about photons not having any mass or a mass potential.

If photons do not have any mass or mass potential that is convertable then humans would still be a microbial species.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.


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Lots of theories at speculations here. The general idea travelling at the speed of light and above is cool, provided the right tech to displace object where inertia is zero and factors like light and gravity cannot be taken into consideration. The answer i feel is anti matter. Concider earth as matter and is kept in its shape due to the lava revolving in opposite direction. Which produces the effect of inwards attraction called gravity same effect if antimatter is used and plasma is revolved in some fundmental way will give out the opposite if gravity.. So if we are able to contain the field and direct its flow will casue propulsion effect. Now we will need infinte energy(in terms of time and not in joules) to maiintain a constant line on the graph for whatever period will do the trick. So joules will be implied to the amount of gravimetric field produced. The speed will also depend on this. So i guesss...till we actually replicate a worm hole...

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