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Best Voyager Videos's (Fan-made)


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Report this Sep. 17 2012, 12:50 pm

Dear All, 

Whilst strolling youtube on search for some videos of Voyager, I stumbled upon a creator who has really made an effort of making really nice video's of voyager. 

We all know the fan made video's of 7 of 9, which basically are just scenes cut together, however, the following playlist is a nice example of how beautifull these videos can be, and how it can bring back nice memories.

The author is Bloempje721 and seen the views on his videos, not everyone knows about them

My personal favorite is:

Where seven is afraid of being forgotten, not having made an impression for future generations.

Which ones are your favorites, and are there any other videos out there with this level of quality?

Let me know



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