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What are the best Star Trek Podcasts out there?


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Just wondering if there are any recommendable Star Trek Podcasts out there. Not looking fo anything specific


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If you want a realy awesome podcast go to Treknation for each ep of TOS being discussed.


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The Delta Quadrant - A Star Trek Voyager Podcast.


I really enjoy this one.


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I'm a big fan of Star Trek podcasts.

I've listened to many.

Personally, I think the best one is no longer around, it was a British show from the Simply Syndicated network called Make it So. That was my first podcast back in 2006. I think all the episodes they made are available on their website.

Some very good current shows are

Trek Companion


Mission Log


I tried creating my own Star Trek podcast once but I quickly found out I just didn't have the talent for it. I actually co-created The Delta Quadrant podcast with Josh Bradley. I'm in like the first 2 or 3 episodes. But we had some creative differences and I left.

That being said, I haven't kept up with the show, but I know many people enjoy it.

There's also a show called The Gamma Quadrant, which is a DS9 show, and I listened up until they got into Season 7, and honestly, I don't reccomend it. All they do is complain and bash the show.

Trek Companion is doing DS9 but is nearly finished. They are also on Season 7 and are planning to do TNG next when they finish. They are awesome.

Good luck to you!


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Thanks all for the recommendations! can't wait to start trying them out!


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Have you listened to any of the shows yet? What's your favorite?

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