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What puzzles you?


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For example, in "Fallen Hero", Hoshi had to give up her quarters for Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar.  It would seem there would be available guest quarters available - such as was available in "Bound" for the Orion women.  I realize this brought about the conversation Hoshi had with V'Lar later and she didn't understand why Hoshi's quarters were so sparsely decorated, but you would think the writers could think of better filler?



randy kerr

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the one about the bugs that had taken over starfleet?


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Weak writing.

Wasn't the bug thing from TNG?

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I meant issues from the series Enterprise.  Or am I in the wrong forum?


I respect your opinions, but I was attempting conversation, not criticism of the writers.


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Yeah, the bug thing was from TNG. That was the first season and seemed to be the beginning of a story arc, or perhaps just something they would continue later and it disappeared.....thankfully.

The final episode of Enterprise has always puzzled me. Why after only 4 seasons, and why that episode? It was not worthy of a final episode for a great show.

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Archer and T'Pol not being an item. These two should've eventually been together.


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Why the Xindi decided on building a huge Death Star superweapon to destroy Earth instead of just ramming a ship into it at warp.

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