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Lighthearted moments


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What's your favorite comical moment in Enterprise?


For me, I love the moment in "Shuttlepod One" where Malcolm and Trip are drunk:

Malcolm: "....or is that the galaxy giggling at us again?"

Trip: "It can giggle all it wants, but the galaxy's not getting any of our bourbon!"


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T'Pol - Carbon Creek

T'Pol - Carbon Creek

T'Pol - Carbon Creek

T'MIR: We're here to find food, nothing else. We'll keep contact with the humans to an absolute minimum. If we must interact with them I will speak. (comes out from behind the sheet trying to do up a dress) What is it? 
MESTRAL: I believe you have that garment on backwards. 

I just found this great Star Trek MB!!  photo ac1685424929087bf1b7e7e0d734f861.jpg

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