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Source Book Discussion for Both Movies, Star Trek and Star Trek "Into Darkness"


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Here is quote from a post in another topic, that was buried that I think we could all benefit from discussing: 

Someone help me here... There was a horrendous book out called "My Brother's Keeper" (or some such title) which suggested the Gary Mitchell was more a smart bully (and sometime torturer) of JIm Kirk's while in Star Fleet.  In that book -which may have been an alternate timeline - JIm recollects Gary's past as he attends a memorial ceremony for the "lost" Mitchell. 


Has anyone else read it?


This may be the source of our new sequel, in the same way that  the book :Killing TIme" was for the first "remake". 


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Hmmm...pehaps a quick recap of "Killing Time" might jog some memories: 

Alternate Timeline: Kirk is a non-entity to Spock and McCoy until he is assigned to the Enterprise in a lower-level position. One day he comes to the attention of Spock (for disciplinary action) because he's gotten into a fight. After dealing with Kirk, Spock remembers that he's seen Kirk's face before, in a dream, where Kirk is Captain. But there's a problem: This Kirk is addicted to a drug that literally puts him into a coma, because he can't face the dreams that he's been having all his life: dreams where he's actually successful, has friends, and is in command. 

Meanwhile, the Romulans are cranky that their attempt to alter the timeline has not resulted in the Romulan Empire ruling the universe. A Romulan scientist goes out into the new universe to try to discover what the problem is and how to correct it. In the process she stumbles onto Kirk and eventually meets Spock. They piece together the problem and try to fix it. 

Ring any bells? "Killing Time"  by Keith Donovan and Nathan St. Germaine, edited by Della Van Hise, published by Pon Farr Press, in 1981, and then printed as a book .didn't have a very large printing run, and virtually fell off the radar...until I read about it while researching the "new movie", and how it took shape. I stumbled over a near accusation of plagarism and decided to check it out. 


There's more on this book here:

It's a little - well, occasionally a lot K/Sish, but perhaps that's why the use of the idea was never found out. People are too ashamed to admit htat they may have read it! 

Here's hoping someone else has read it , and "My Brother's Keeper"... I am interested in discussing the next movie further. 



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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>I'm looking for the banned explicit KS early version!

>I'm not ashamed. It would be so funny to see that in print.

>But its so hard to get the really early versions of TOS novels. I haunt the second-hand shops.

>Haven't read either of these books, have read some average ones though, some bad and some really enjoyable ones. None of them remind me of the plot of any of the movies though

Good lord! I never thought to look at my edition - it is indeed a first printing, complete with all the quotes found on the Wiki page. Now I know why it's so slashy! 

Of course, my husband took the book to his room and promptley "accidentally" bent the cover so much that it came off. Auuuugggghhhhhh! But not to worry, it wasn't all that valuable, having a stamp on the inside of the front cover yelling "papaerback Corner Dayton Creek, Ohio" and a return postage label with the name of the last reader/owner solidly fixed on the first page. It's well worn (all the corners bent) but...I would have kept it in better condition (and not allowed my ham-handed hubby to touch it). 


Can't wait to let him know he's been reading K/S slash! Heh heh heh heh!


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Well, I can tell you, if you go for a first printing at Amazon, you'll probably get the right one. That's how I got mine (semi-accidentally). 

Hubby thinks it's a great plot, but overly squishy between Kirk and Spock, but he hasn't stopped reading it. It's in the bathroom (heh heh heh).

I dunno what to think about the Gary Mitchell/Khan thing. If I were the writer, I'd be shooting for something in Kirk's early "past" uhh "future" (I hate time paradoxes!) and the first thing that he missed was the Andorian conference - he never got his Palm Leaf for that; never served with Captain April, and he's on his own starship now, so - what? Who's the first really bad guy he met up with? I'm really wrenchiing my mind to come up with anyone but FInnegan from the Academy, or Gary. Could it be that FInnegan went bad bananas? Hmmm!

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