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grappling tool vs. tractor beam

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I much preferred the grappling hook to the tractor beam, especially since one of the principals of physics is nothing's pulled everything's pushed & liked the clear progression to tractor beam, but then they gave them a tractor beam, bad idea I thought so I thought I'd ask all you which you liked better?

randy kerr

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i will say both.


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I vote for grapping. this is old technology but better than trackor beam because for this technology don't need energy.



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Perhaps depending on the job?  When Travis and Malcolm's shuttlepod, in "Breaking the Ice" got stuck in that crater, a Vulcan tractor beam got them out - the grappler couldn't get a good fix.  But the grappler was probably a better tool in "Bounty" when they pulled Archer's pod into the ship.

Just my opinion.


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For the time period the show was set in, I thought it was cool that they found something more primitive than the tractor beam for Enterprise to use. It really helped sell the "prior to TOS" thing, and as Cardassian officer said, it doesn't require energy, and with Enterprise being a smaller ship, any opportunity to conserve energy would have been needed. Giving them a tractor beam was a natural progression, but one I think they jumped to much too quickly. If the show had lasted seven seasons (like it should have) then letting them progress in the 6th or 7th season would have made more sense.

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Even if I had a tractor beam, I would have still kept the grappler. They could be used in tandem. I also used the grappler with a harpoon on an enemy ship in a Trek RPG, worked like a charm.

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