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The Measure of a Man--good on so many levels. Humans, in general, tend to regard sentience as belonging solely to them.


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Clues has always been my favorite Data-related episode. Such great scenes, especially between Picard and Data.


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I agree with randy kerr.  The episode where Data plays Sherlock Holmes was my favorite.  Title??


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Are you thinking of the episode "Elementary, My Dear Data"?


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The Offspring

Green Blooded Bastard

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either Measure of a Man or In Theory Love Love Love Data. 

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Measure of a man, most definetly

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thats a hard one, I like Descent parts 1 and 2 and brothers was good too


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My favorite Data episode would more than likely be "Clues". I LOVE that one! And I always love when Data "initiates emergency procedures". =D


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Data's Lady Fans have been strangely quiescent, as of late ...
and they are certainly a very vocal group ... I can vouch for that!


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Any TNG episode where Data had a chance to stand out is a great one! I love "Measure of a Man" (to this day Maddox makes my blood boil!), "Brothers" (Brent Spiner's talent to play all 3 characters is unbelievable), “The Outrageous Okona” (loved Data’s understanding humor storyline with Joe Piscopo), “The Schizoid Man” (love watching the heart-wrenching drama of Data's split personalities) and "Deja Q" (the best part of that episode is Q's gift of laughter to Data at the end after Data helped Q adjust to being human).  But of course I'm biased because Data's near & dear to my heart (I turn Nemesis off after he leaves Geordi & jumps to Shinzon's ship)



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I can't single out a single, BEST episode for Mr. Data,
but the colourful metaphor he used in GENERATIONS
was priceless! Who'd have ever expected it? Not I ...


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The Offspring is undoubtedly my favorite Data episode to date. It just stands out as the best episode that focuses on Data and his character development, in my opinion.

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Ooh, so many to choose from.  Data was definitely the Spock of TNG, constantly stealing the show, even one-upping the resident alien, Worf, on a regular basis.  However, in an attempt to answer the question, the episodes which I feel are my favorite and/or best representations of Data as a character include:

"The Offspring" (the one with Lal)

"Elementary, Dear Data" (the first Sherlock Holmes episode)

"The Measure of a Man" (his freedom/sentience is on trial--my personal favorite)

"Redemption II" (Data is CO of the Sutherland during Klingon civil war/Romulan blockade--IMO, the best executed of the Data-centric episodes)

"A Fistful of Datas" (Alexander takes Worf to the Ancient West with disaterous results--not my favorite and far from the best, but so goddamned funny)

"Data's Day" (A letter written to Cmdr. Maddox explaining his day-to-day interactions--again, not my favorite, but GREAT insight to Data as a developed character)

"The Ensigns of Command" (Data has to convince colonists to move before they're eradicated by teh Sheliak, destroys the colony's watyer system to prove a point--this is the first look we REALLY get that shows what Data can really do on his own, he's not just a computer following orders, but an individual capable of making decisions.)

However, my favorite Data episode isn't even Data-centric... "The Naked Now"... because data is fully functional, programmed in multiple techniques... and Denise Crosby was SLAMMIN!

I did not like the Lore stories... I don't know why, he just rubbed me the wrong way. The storylines felt contrived to me.

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One of my favorite Data episodes is the one where he is "collected". His decision to murder/execute his kidnapper at the end using a horrific & banned weapon really drove home that he was perfectly sentient and not a mere slave to programming.

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