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Favourite First Officer?

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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OK, first poll... =)


We know which captains you like, but what about first officers? Any favourites, anyone?


Even though Picard is my favourite captain, I would say that, personally, my favourite first officer would have to be Chakotay. Just the fact that he decided to work with Janeway under starfleet rules, despite the fact that he was a Maquis captain, that he always stuck by her and was not afraid to tell her when he thought that she was wrong, in my opinion, makes him a better first officer than the others. Also, that he was not going off kissing every second alien girl that came along (certain ex-borg human females exempted )


What are your thoughts? =)

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Chakotay is sort of cool, although about 1/4 of the time I actively dislike him (morally), I think he was very Hollywood Native American, not like the two part native Americans I went to school with who I knew well (best friends with one dated another) nor like the Native Peruvian I dated, nor like the Chief of the James Bay Indians I was friends with, nor like the grandson of a Cherokee Chief I am friends with now.

Kira would probably by my #2; T'Pal #3 in character, but the character played by a fofrmer model was in fact exactly as you'd expect, only there for her looks, sex appeal and the relationship story line (as was thier Asian communicatgions officer, & if you don't think she's sexy you clearly don't know how kinky and what a strong sex drive many asian women have [and by many I mean every asian woamn and girl I've ever known well enough to judge either way])

But ricker as #3 for actually being good at the job.

And for spock, well the most popular cast member of the original cast, who continuees to be more popular than all other members of each other show when he does guest appearances, nuff said


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I think that Kira and Riker had the most "fire".  The Vulcans were, well, Vulcan, and as already mentioned Chakotay was too Hollywood-Native American.  

Between Kira and Riker, I just found Kira a bit deeper (easier to do with her Bajorn/DS9 roles) and she came off as a bit more approachable than Riker.


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Definitely Spock as the #1 Number One. Then I gotta go with 2. Riker, 3. Kira, 4. T'Pol, and 5. Chakotay. I liked Chakotay in some instances, but all around somewhat of a bland character. Other than "Tattoo", I never got nto any of the episodes that were Chakotay-driven.


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DS9 is my fav ST; but I voted for Chakotayfor 1 reason. He seemed capable of captaining Voyager from the moment it reached the Gamma Quadrant. Kira needed a few years in a stable environment to become a leader. Same with Riker,tho he had a better foundation as a Star Fleet officer. Spock would have butted heads with McCoy too often (which was great when Kirk was there; not so much when he wasn't) TPol was too...Vulcan on a ship full of humans.


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yes, like when Data was a captain all anyone did was question his orders, like Worf thinking of him as a tonka toy Michael Dorn's words not mine


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No really best 1st officer: A tribble on a ship full of tribbles "lets get to a new planet, we need food, and there are too many of us onboard again.  Forget shoreleave, we're colonizing yet another planet!".

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