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Making Progress on Star Trek Physics: Kick Starter Program


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To my knowledge this is the first kickstarter program that deals with faster than light speeds based upon our current understanding of physics.   My hope is that if this project is a success with regards to funding it will encourage more kickstarter programs by leading scientiest like Marc Millis to do actual research on faster than light travel and to eventually make Star Trek future possible.   Please help to fund this worthy project!


Here is an excerpt of the Kickstarter program:

Contrary to popular belief, NASA and other organizations do NOT routinely fund such far-future work, since this research appears to be beyond foreseeable returns on investment. Another impediment is that potential sponsors find it difficult to tell the difference between those crazy ideas that might become breakthroughs and the more numerous, genuinely crazy ideas.

The funds will be used to write enough material to secure a publishing deal and to assist some of my fellow practitioners to deliver fresh content and produce new graphics. I need to know by mid-late September if I'll have the resources to do this.  At that time, I will have to choose between various options for my future.  My top wish is to do this book as my next step.

This companion book is my way of bringing these fascinating possibilities to broader audiences and to inspire future generations of spaceflight pioneers. A sample of my broader-audience writing is the chapter, "Making the Jump to Light-Speed," (in the National Geographic book, Star Wars, Where Science Meets Imagination, Ed Rodley, ed, 2005).



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