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Star Trek: Aquarius - In the Heat of War


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The year is 2360, three years before the launch of the Enterprise-D, five years before renewed contact with the Romulan Star Empire, and six years prior to first contact with the Borg Collective.

For over forty years since the Tomed Incident in 2311, Starfleet has experienced an unprecedented era of peace. However, the on going tensions with the Cardassian Union have flared into near war, and new powers, like the Tzenkethi, now threaten the era of peace created by the Khitomer Accords with open hostility. As the Tzenkethi advance continues into Federation space, Starfleet has no choice but defense of the Federation's territory.

The crew of the USS Aquarius, one of the last Ambassador-class starships to come off the line as Starfleet gears up to begin production of the Galaxy-class.

Join the crew of the Aquarius as they begin this join this bold, new era.  For more information, visit or email

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