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Which is the best Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ever?


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SF Channel in Australia (former SCI FI Channel) are doing a poll asking people what their favorite episode of Star Trek Next Gen is. The top 10 episodes are going to be played later this month in a special marathon!


SF viewers are now voting to decide which is the best episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The top ten selected episodes will be broadcast in an exclusive Next Gen Top 10 event on Sunday September 30 1pm, only on FOXTEL Channel 125.

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, considered by many as one of the best television series of all time. SF has launched a global poll that will determine which is the best of the 178 episodes produced. Voting closes Sunday September 23 at 11.59pm 


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single Episode? "Measure of A Man" off the top of my head; for 2-parters I'm split between "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Times Arrow"; but the 2-parter where Tasha's daughter is introduced, and Data is the captain of a ship, just could be better than "The Best of Both Worlds" and if it were not for a bunch of plot points that made me yawn, it would definitely be better than Time's Arrow" which is when Data goes back in time.

It depends upon what you like, there are best Worf epidodes, and if you like Holmes there are a couple you'll love; "The Long Goodbye" is a Maltese Falconesk episode, there's even a horror epidose; plus there's Data-Lore and when Data meets his father.

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I like two:  The Inner Light and The Offspring.

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All of them are good I can't choose which one to vote!


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I loved "Yesterday's Enterprise."  From the moment that the Enterprise entered a new timeline to the time it returned, it was a great story of one crew sacrificing itself to preserve the timeline.  Great acting and special effects.  And leaving Tasha Yar aboard the doomed ship created great stories for the future.


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Tough choice, but I'll go with The Inner Light.


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I really can't say. I'd have to look at a summary of every single episode to decide, and even then, it'd be hard. I'd vote for any episode that has action in it. The only episodes I didn't like as much were the episodes which involved Ambassadors and Admirals talking in briefing rooms.


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I like the Time's Arrow episodes, especially the 2nd. Family and Timescape are also some of my favorites. But from that list, I'd probably go with Yesterday's Enterprise or Measure of a Man.

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TNG had loads of brilliant episodes, but one of my favourites was Best Of Both Worlds, an assimiliated Captain Picard as a Borg was a true classic. Also "Descent" was another excellent two parter, Data going bad because of Lore's influence. Also Captain's Holiday, even when Picard is supposedily on vacation he still gets no peace & ends up digging about in a damp cave trying to stop a bad Ferengi in his tracks.

Loads more as well.


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Guys, seriously?


Times Arrow and Descent were giant disappointing stinkers. Descent is one of my most disliked episodes. It's virtually total crap. 


Best episodes:


The Inner Light

Best of Both Worlds

Yesterday's Enterprise

Measure of A Man



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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>"The Neutral Zone" is still one of my favorite episodes even if the extended-plot set up it was intended to introduce didnt materialize.



How do you figure? The references to the removed colonies directly link to the Borg. I'd say that "extended plot" materialized fairly well.



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Times Arrow


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I cannot just pick one as my favorite but my fav3 are: The Inner Light, Times Arrow, and Measure Of A Man 


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I don't know about episodes, but First Contact is the best Star Trek movie.

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