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Quote: sdt1701 @ Sep. 15 2012, 2:43 pm


>So Beershark, the ONLY reason Chekov was developed as a character was to attract young females?

>Whilst of course that would be a factor on the character design surely it can't be the one and only reason? 

>He was based on Davy Jones and he was made a Russian for the same reason Worf was put on the bridge during TNG - to prove old enemies can become allies.

>In all drama we need for the main characters to voice their thinking, knowledge and express how they made mistakes when they were young to give the benefit of wisdom etc...this is a key dramatic principle

>That's why Wesley and Picard's relationship is so strong - Sosko and Jake are so close - Archer helps develop Mayweather into a more balanced officer. Yes Hoshi is young and less experienced in space, but Mayweather was moulded by Archer, who he in turn emulated - and when Chekov stated about Demora Sulu "I was never that young" Kirk could put a fatherly hand on his shoulder and remind him " were younger"


Yes that is what I'm saying. the decision to to add the character was based on demographics, to boost ratings. That's the way TV works.

Now there may have been other considerations when defining that character such as,"Let's make him russian while we're at it.", for various reasons.

What I'm saying is that those things came AFTER the decision to add the character and that decision was not at made at the insistance of the soviet goverment.

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