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The First Starship Project


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I just updated the Website and created a Facebook Group for The First Starship Project.  This is an effort to create an international spacecraft to explore the solar system peacefully and in a sustainable way.  Thanks to everyone at Star Trek for their earlier support, critiques and suggestions on the initial effort. 

Please revisit the site, let me know your thoughts and if the mission is inspiring and on target, I hope you will join.

All thoughts welcome!


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Please be more specific? I mean it’s not a matter of tech, we could have done it any time in the last 20 years, but we don't even have a space shuttle anymore because more u.s. are more concerned about saying the god of their village is the only correct version of god, and that they have to kill all Muslims, without understanding anything about that group of people or what was happening there for 40 years, and making sure the Homeland Security Division says in power vastly longer that he 3rd riche ever did; to care about space, and peace, that is akin to being a traitor today, even mentioning the possibility of peace as long as our "enemies" live, of course none thinks maybe since they attacked us b/c he had our foot on their thought and were dictating their lives and westernizing their cultures, that maybe ceases or even limiting that might do a better job of decrease the number of our enemies, and saying that is viable is also now considered treasonous by most; so you might very well be on a bed with a needle in your arm by suggesting doing something peacefully with all peoples and all nations.



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This sounds exciting. Except when you say 'First Starship" are you talking about a first ship capable of space exploration?


A couple of things to mind..


We first have to overcome many of our initial problems that are plaguing us. The monentary system has to go, at least enough to favor all life. We have to have the ability to be more self sustainable where we don't have to rely on money to get the things that everyone needs. Food, clothing, shelter, ect.

We have to learn how to get along with one another and that goes for anyone, we have to stop fighting wars with one another.

This is one way i see our future if we give up materialistic items for serious consideration about thinking about the future rather then the present or the past:


If we were to build a Starship to explore space we would require an energy source that is sustainable. If we send a prototype ship out to try to explore space and they run out of fuel or energy it would prove a hazard. With all things conisdered we would have to find a way to conserve, preserve and even find a way to keep engines and a supply of oxygen from running out. 

We would also need an endless supply of food. Worst case scenario is we would have to start building facilities with transports to keep our food and energy supplies from diminishing.

Even with all that out of the way i doubt that most people would enjoy exploring or even traveling through space without gravity. Gravity plating or a device to keep everything in an Earth atmosphere would need to be explored.

And unless we would be flying without light speed capabilities it's likely we would have to reproduce on ship. This, again would need a ship capable of the necessary medical supplies and learning facilities.

Last but not least we need a shuttlecraft capable of making trips back and forth from the ship to a planet or elsewhere.

You could include weapons on a ship, but we have yet to meet another sentient species outside of our solar system and whether any of them are hostile.

It's a nice idea but we are light years away from being ready to explore space let alone try to make other planets habital. Unless everyone on this planet can agree to working together to improve mankind then we won't be ready. As much as i'd love to explore the universe myself it's not possible. We would just be bringing our problems into space instead of being confined to a planet where we should be working things out together.

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