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Which Star Trek Movie would you pick out for sameone who is not a Star Trek fan?


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Which Star Trek Movie would  you pick out  for sameone  who is not a Star Trek fan?

The Star Trek Movie you pick should help make a new Star Trek Movie fan.



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I think definitely the Star Trek (2009). Before that film I knew abosutely nothing about Star Trek. and I mean NOTHING. When I saw the trailers I thought the "main dude in yellow" would grow up to be the "bald dude" from the show. My friends and I went to a special thursday night showing the day before it was officially released and I absolutely loved it. Then out of curiousity it got me to check out some episodes of TOS that CBS legally streams on youtube. At first my friends and I chuckled at how campy it looked and seeing the priceline negotiator in his prime. I then continued watching episodes on my own, but found myself not chuckling any longer because I became completely absorbed into the series and fell in love with it. I watched every episodes of TOS. I now have the Bray collection of TOS and recently blind bought the bray of season 1 of TNG. Even though it has its differences from TOS I think Star Trek is a great place to start because it eases noobies such as myself into the universe and gets them familiar with the characters. 


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Yeah I have to agree with the 2009. It's accessible and has the benefit of not having dated cinematography, which can be a difficult thing for non-fans to stomach when they're having to [i]also[/i] fall in love with the story.


I think serenityncc880's story is a really common one for new!fans; I couldn't put it better myself. c: 2009 eased a lot of non-fans in and made them realize that they might actually LIKE a show they've been dismissing their whole lives.


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The Wrath of Kahn easily - you don't need to know the back story to enjoy the film, which is basically action all the way. After that the Final Frontier

i can't believe people would sugget the Abrams movie

- so you want them to be told the wrong story before they know the right one?!

- and you'd rather they saw a new cast of inferior actors before seeing the originals?!?!

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My dad isn't really a fan but he quite enjoyed watching First Contact with me.

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Wrath of Khan, and Search for Spock. (Friendship, and loyalty.)


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I'd have to choose First Contact. 


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I'm with Cloudminder 2- it's got to be Wrath of Khan. The original actors, not yet too old, taking on a great villian (which may lead someone to check out Space Seed,which is as everyone knows a great TOS episode). If they really enjoy the film, they're all set up to watch the next two. It's pretty accessible and Kirsty Alley's Saavik is a character that newcomers to the Star Trek universe can identify with. A great story, really capturing the essence of Star Trek.

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I'd suggest either First Contact, The Wrath of Khan or The Voyage Home.

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Thanks entropyman, I hadn't thought of the idea of it encouraging people to check out 'Space Seed' but that's a good additional argument!

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Star Trek 2009 is my least favorite of all the Trek films, but I would start a newbie on it.

But that's only if I were to start with a movie.

I would rather start with one of the series. In which case I would give them the choice of either doing Enterprise or The Original Series to start with.


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Hmmmm, for movie I would probably pick ST:IV The Voyage Home.

For series, I would pick TOS and go on from there.  Although my oldest was born in 1987 so they started with ST:TNG


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ST09 or STII.

Both films pretty much took existing Trek and revamped it.


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Sora: "Star Trek 2009 is my least favorite of all the Trek films, but I would start a newbie on it."

Why!? That makes no sense when you don't even like it!


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I said Star Trek 2009 is my least favorite, I never said anything about not liking it lol

I love every bit of Star Trek there is. Star Trek is my favorite tv show of all time and I'd rather watch any episode, any film over anything else. I absolutely love Trek 09, but I feel that everything Trek is just so amazing, and it's just tough to pick. So personally yes it is my least favorite, but I still love it and think it's awesome.

Plus a newbie would most likely be more willing to start with 09 because it's really a remake and starts everything over pretty much from scratch and I've found many people who have never seen anything Trek are able to get into that more easily. Many people are new to Trek are easily overwhelmed by all the series and all the seasons and movies, and many don't know where to start or how to watch the series. And many think Star Trek is too dated, even though all Trek is indeed timeless.

But once you show them 2009, get them into that, then they think wow Star Trek is really incredible, I guess I can give TOS a try. Or Enterprise or wherever they want to start.

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