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New Movie Sequel Title Confirmed


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I wonder if that will actually be the title of the movie when it is officially announced. Star Trek Into Darkness just...feels and even looks weird


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Does everyone have to do the captcha-sol everytime they post?



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do they usually post locations of places the movie will premire or are you just on your own i would like to go opening night but i dont know if they do any thing like that where im at.


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John - I have no idea. The captcha-thing is to make sure that there are no bots running rampant on the site. I guess it's for the good of all, but boy...some of those are hard to decipher!

Jennifer - I have heard that most premeires are by invite only.

However! If you're lucky enough to live in California, you might be able to participate in a preview viewing. Occasionally they do this to find out what the audience reaction will be during the last phases of the editing process. I have seen advertisements for this in the "gigs" section of Craigslist. I'm betting it would be in the L.A. city advertisements.


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not a premire i mean when it comes to theaters like the day they open in to everybody like ive seen when like twilight comes out (yuck!) and they have people dressed up and stuff i just wondeing when it came to the public if they list where they have it for opening weekend 


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Are they doing a Joseph Conrad/Francis Ford Coppola riff?

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Considering the main villain is rumored to be Gary Mitchell from the (second) pilot episode, the title makes sense.


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Sounds cool. Now all we need to know is the name of the villain...

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The Title Sounds Generic;And,It Also Sounds A little Boring. But,If The Film Goes Beyond The Title,OK.

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Into Darkness? If you ask me thats a horrible name for sompthing Star Trek related


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To me the title sounds like “ok lets jump one the ’o’ band wagon”  like every one else and obsess with this fascination of the dark side.  I mean are the going to design monster Brat dolls to go with the rest of the movie paraphernalia? Eeesh!  Yeah probably much to do about nothing…….as…..usual.

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Meh, don't care for it but I hope the movie rocks. Can't wait.

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I hope  that is not the final decision on the title.



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Quoth ServalanFan : "At least its not Star Trek into blandness."


Someone help me here... There was a horrendous book out called "My Brother's Keeper" (or some such title) which suggested the Gary Mitchell was more a smart bully (and sometime torturer) of JIm Kirk's while in Star Fleet.  In that book -which may have been an alternate timeline - JIm recollects Gary's past as he attends a memorial ceremony for the "lost" Mitchell. 

Has anyone else read it?

This may be the source of our new sequel, in the same way that  the book :Killing TIme" was for the first "remake". 

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