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Star Trek TOS: Memories


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I had been watching Star Trek for many years, but it was around 1976 when I first saw the show 'in color'.

All I remember thinking was how amazing the Red railing on the bridge was. It was so great.

I know this might sound silly, but it was life-altering for me.


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I watched it as a baby in diapers...used to run around shouting, "I wanna watch Mr. Big Ears!" 

Couldn't for the life of me understand when they cancelled the series, and went through kidhood seeking someone that I remembered vaguely, getting temporarily hooked on Mike Nesmith (remember the wool hat?!) I think I thought I was looking at Len Nimoy. 

When the series did make it back on the screen (only a few years later), I became hooked on it again. 6pm, every week night and 5pm on the weekends became an absolute ritual, continually interrupting dinner with "Oh! I gottah see this!" and eating my food as quickly as possible so that I could return to the set. 


Didn't have color until 1977, and was amazed by the reds yellows and blues. Of course now I know that Kirk's uniform was actually an olive-ish green, but HEY! still dig that mustard-yellow that came over on the airwaves. Dug his lesiure uniform, tho' and how it brought out the hazel/green in his eyes. Steadfastly refused to believe that Shat wore a rug until I finally "grew up", and read Joan Collins' comments about meeting Shatner. 

Still a fan, hope to see the 50th Anniversary with all of the remaining leading actors alive. 'Course, they can't live forever...but..

Darren M Smith

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I first watched Star Trek in about 1971 when i was six years old and it was the second piolot episode , and what realy got me hooked was when Garry Michelle`s eyes changed colour after they had gone through the barier.

Why had this happened? what would happen next? that was it i was well and truly HOOKED! and have been ever since, through all of the series except Enterprice  i just cant get away with it or to be honest the latest movie.


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The first episode that I can remember was 'Shore Leave' in it's original showing in 1966 or early 1967.  I was 6 years old. I can remember that I had been sick with the flu or something the whole week before and been virually abandoned by other members of the family due to work &/or school &/or social committments.

There was a lot of snow on the ground and I recall watching the episode in my bedroom and on the upstairs 'Admiral' portable TV. My window had somehow become stuck open and there was the odd,  intermittent snow flurry floating around the room at times - didn't matter though cause I as warm and snug under a mountain of blankets in the perfect ambient setting and more than dialed into what was unfolding on the small screen before my eyes.

I was captivated by the on location setting & scenery of The Glades & Vasquez Rocks, the giant rabbit and all the other mysterious characters that materialized throughout the hour. Did I mention Finnigan? What a scrap was that and I was taking notes, believe me, in case I had to ever duke it out with the schoolyard bully. Fantastic fun for a young lad in need of some fast new friends & heroes.

It was just what the doctor had ordered and although I'd watched the previous episodes and continued to watch faithfully throughout the next two seasons - this was to become my favourite episode for years to come. Still is by the way, at least solidly within my TOS top ten list.


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"I don't remember I was just a little baby" - Chicko answering the question "when were you born"

Live long and prosper because it is a good day to die


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It was around 1976 when I first started watching TOS. I vividly remember my fear of the Balok dummy from The Corbomite Maneuver. As a 4 year old I recall the excitement of the sounds and colour of Star Trek, the aliens, the Enterprise zooming past - fantastic

Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to space.

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They had announced it as part of their neew fall line-up n said the star was Canadian n being a big sci-fi fan I naturally was loking forward to it. I was 15 when it 1st aired on CTV on Tuesday, Sept. 6, '66, I think at 7 pm. I became  a big fan immediately. It was an exotic, colourful, exciting, sexy, n imaginative series, n it had high production values. It was better than the spin-offs because the music was out of this world (literally n figuratively), the sound effects were amazing, the designs were better,  n so were the characters n stories. Most of the 1st year episodes were among the best in the series n most fans agree the 1st year was the best. But the dumping of Yeoman Rand was a big loss n 1 of the stupidest things ever done on television. She was featured in 3 episodes n was just emerging as a lead character.

I wrote a glowing fan letter to the network in '68 n received a catalog pamphlet from Lincoln Enterprises so I ordered some memorabilia--bios of Wm Shatner n Gene Roddenberry, publicity phoos of Kirk, a piece of film from the series, and a command patch. There was included an issue of a Trek newsletter. Unfortunately, there was nothing  for Yeoman Rand or Grace Lee Whitney.

We will not cease from exploration, And the end of our exploring Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the 1st time. T.S. Eliot, The Gidding


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Thanks for great stories!

I enjoyed every one.


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I watched my first episode in Dec 2011. I was hooked and just became obsessed.

End of log.

xXData's GirlXx

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^I stared watching in 2011 too, my dad introduced it to me. I am now OBSESSED.

tai nasha no karosha :)


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Report this Oct. 06 2012, 3:41 am

At my Primary School Bazaar there were film shows in a classroom. They were written on a page stuck on the door. One was 'Star Trek'. I wondered "Huh, what's that?" At first, I thought it was local, here in South Africa, due to the word 'trek'. That word is from here. It was the TOS episode 'The Man Trap'. I've been a Star Trek fan since then.

 A few years after that here in South Africa some of the TOS episodes were shown on television. I didn't bother about watching them, because I thought they were too unrealistic, especially the scenes on the planets. After they stopped showing, I regretted not having watched. I then thought that mustn't be so judgmental.

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