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Photonic Mass - A Speculative Theory


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Report this Sep. 07 2012, 6:24 pm

Photonic Mass is the process whereby the UV rays of the sun interact with either inorganic or organic material to

create energy. Energy that then becomes mass in the presence of a field of gravity.

This can be proven by examinging plants that absorb the UV rays of the Sun. Once the plant absords the UV rays and

the energy is converted into convertable energy the converted energy is then effected by the gravitational field

around it.

Photons may not have mass but they do have a mass potential built into their photonic structure. Photons that are

directly absorbed and used for energy do have mass.

One more process to understand in figuring out FTL speed.

If a light photon can be converted to a energy potential for just a planck second giving it mass then a field of

gravity could divert it away from a ship and crew so that the area around the ship would be free of any particle

with mass or particle that has the ability to create a mass potential because of its ability to be converted into

a energetic particle that is then effected by gravity.

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