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I just came across this interesting phenomenon:  triboluminescence.  When some materials are rubbed together, they emit light.  In a perhaps related situation, when tape was unpeeled, it allegedly emitted X-rays!


What do you think?  Could this be used, to produce some kind of energy?

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The process could theoretically be developed into a Phased Energy Distribution System

The seperation and reunification of electrical charges.

Since this process involves matter seperating and recombining to cause an energetic release that excites the

particles around the process thus causing light to be seen in the visable spectrum by the human eye the process

might not be enough for an energy potential but could in fact be enough to create a phased reaction through which

the reaction could then be directed over a attenuating crystaline structure and tuned to a certain direction thus

creating a PHASER Array.

The PTWA System would draw the available energy from the engines first and then from the engine core second. This

is a dual system meant to use energy that would otherwise bleed off during engine operation instead of drawing the

energy directly from the engine core itself.

In the case of engine failure the necessary energy to power the PTWA would be drawn from engine core, impulse

engines or the deflector grid in this order.

The energy is collected in the Primary Bleed Off Capacitor (1) that has main three conduits or more eading into

the main capacitor. In this case the number of conduits into the PBOC would be two in from each engine which had

been determined necessary to maintain phaser operations in the event one PTC should be damaged.

The energy is then transfered to the Primary Power Sequencer where the process of seperating the paricles begins

by removing the particles not necessary with the process and returning them to the engine core.

From there the energy is piped via PTC to the Primary Seperation and Recombination Block that seperates the

electrical charges involved with the process into equal parts using transporter technology to keep the particles

in stasis and seperate from each other.

The charged particles are then sent into the Primary Storage Capacitor and stored to ensure that enough available

energy is present during a combat situation to maintain effective firepower. Each capacitor is able to maintain 25

five second bursts of energy.

The charges are then piped seperately into the Phase Step Up Coil where the particles are finally recombined

generating the Tribolluminescene effect. The PTWA Phase Step Up Coil's main function is similar to that of the NIF

(National Ignition Facility) where the recombined electrical charges have their velocity increased as well as

their electrical charge frequency which allows the array to be set to varrying levels of discharge.

The charges are then directed through emitters located around the PTWA Coil where the fractured crystal structure

of the emitter crystal is configured through nano technology to create the desired beam width which can be created

to produce a ten meter all the way down to a two meter in diameter phaser impact point.

The secondary systems are built exactly like the primary systems except for there are twice as many Power Transfer

Conduits that connect directly to the main engines, engine core, impulse engines and deflector grid as opposed to

the main system being connected to the main engines only.

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That would be awesome!

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."


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Europeans were commonly doing it with certain fabrics in the 19th century


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Your article has sparked another thought of creation.

In the Wiki the article read that the rattle needed to be shaken so that the crystals would come into contact with each other thus creating the effect of Tribolumiscene.

Lets go back before the Big Bang and the Higgs-Boson and apply Tribolumiscene to the Big Bang Prior Complex.


Let's suppose that there were particles similar to the crystal in the rattle zooming about the Universe. These particles would be the direct ancestors of the particles that are part or the Higgs-Boson.

By theirself these particles are inert but when they come together in the manner of Universal Rattling the interaction between the two particles would generate light which is really the release of energy at various levels of UV Radiation.

The particles combine together only for a brief Planck moment thus creating UV radiation. The UV radiation then effects other particles around it where the energy is aborbed or directly changes the composition of the particle to another type of particle.

Eventually particles such as matter and anti-matter are created that when they come together an extreme release of energy occurs.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.


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Personally I more believe in the theory (as I stated in the other Higgs board) that it was the antimatter and matter explosions of a black hole that caused our universe, and probably a many tens to several hundred to a few thousand other universes before the last seemingly complete (such as the universes whereby there are overlapping explosions because of several super black holes in close proximity, even though as I stated before it’s very possible that such close black holes would merely absorb the matter and energy from the other black holes till there was only a single massive [even for a super black whole] black hole) and that this universe may have been recreated many times, now there are still variables: e.g. might there by other super massive super black hole explosions from past universes that became so spread out that we would not notice them, even with our most advance science and even if they are as massive as our own universe; or with the actual fabric of space time possibly expanding (call it dark energy if you like) might this fabric also be effected by several massive super black holes being in close proximity and start folding in on itself, now I admit that last one's 2-d thinking, but so were Einstein’s thoughts of gravity.


As for what was the initial progenitor of all of this way way back, before there ever was a universe?  Maybe we'll know one day, but it rather seems like trying to determine the share of a snow bank from three winters ago in a temperate climate with scorching summers and no recording devices of any kind till the day you start looking; maybe what you say started it all, but I'd still wager yen to Euros that this is not the first incarnation of this universe since then if that's how it started.

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