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What lies beyond the Higgs boson?


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Now that a "Higgs-like particle" has been detected at Europe's Large Hadron Collider, is the hard part of the $10 billion quest for new physics finished? No. Way. The hard part — and, most physicists would say, the fun part — is just beginning. Caltech theoretical physicist Sean Carroll explains why in a new book, and on tonight's episode of our "Virtually Speaking Science" talk show.


Here is my take on the Higgs-Boson.

There has to be a particle that exists past the Higg's Boson.

To say that the Higgs Boson is the God Particle is too say that it is the particle that created the entire Universe.

But coming to an understanding of many natural and paradoxial thoughts when we combine pure science with the purist thought of belief or creation there can never be a definative being point.

The answer to this is rather simple.

If we think of a God or Goddess as the embodiement of creation and creating all where such knowledge would have been imbued in us by them to learn to create through interacting with our environment where because of such interaction our brains evolved to think and articulate what we saw and how we can use to our benefit that which we created we come into a paradoxial infinite loop theory.

The PILT as I call it takes creation one step further in saying that there is no such thing as an absolute end or and absolute beginning.

If a God or Godess being infinite in their being did create all and passed such knowledge onto not only humans but many other species such as ant's, honey bees, hornets, wasps, termites and all other forms of species that have social characteristics but more importantly the ability to mold the landscape around them to our advantage such as humans that you only have to look around to see creation whereas if you open an ant hive or bee colony you can see how these species systematically create very methodical designs such as nurseries and food stores then the notion of a single god or goddess or in this case the Higgs Boson being the determinant particle of creation is nonsense.

In order for a God or Goddess to have created us and those species here on Earth and across the Void that can create and shape our landscape such beings would first need to have been created and then imbued with the sense of creation by other Gods and Goddesses. One cannot create unless one is first created and imbued with a sense of the ability to create.

A determinant species such as a single cell orginism has but two purposes to be born, perform a certain function for a limited time and then die. Such determinants do not have the ability to create such as humans or ants do but merely live in a spacial moment of space and time.

See where I am going with this?

If a religion specifies that a God or Goddess is a determinant or that they or the sense of them is the single and only determining factor in and of creation then such Gods and Goddesses would be like the single celled determinant orginism and would not therefore know any sense of creation.

So in order for a God or Goddess to have created humanity and all other species across the Universe that are able to create from their environment habitats that better theirself then such Gods and Godesses would first need to have been created by another God or Goddess that had been imbued with the sense of creation in order to create the Gods and Goddesses that created humanity and the species that have a sense of creation.

This notion leads us into the infinite paradox where each time that the question who created us is asked we approach and parallel the realm of infinity.

Gods and Goddesses cannot create theirself and must therefore be created in order to create. With each set of Gods and Goddesses, who they theirself are infinite, are used as a base of creation is reached producing a determinant result to justify an absolute beginning or an absolute end then the question of who created them must be asked and cannot be avoided as its sets limits upon the very thought process of creation itself similar to how the ancient religions of the world thought that if they traveled past the horizon that they would fall off of the world.

The same notion can be applied to the Higgs-Boson.

Even though it may be deemed a determinant creation particle  the question of where did the particles come from that form the Higgs-Boson arise from? They had to have come from somewhere or from a process that prior to the Big Bang caused them to be created that caused their interactions to release a large amount of energy that thus created the Universe that we live in.

See how even particles like the Gods and Goddesses of creation have to have ancestry in order for their creation to take place?

Lets paint a picture of the Universe we live in where everything is nothing but space and time.

All of a sudden we have two particles come together that through their energetic properties release matter and anti-matter across the Universe. Such matter that when it comes together creates extreme amount of energetic release.

Where would these particles come? Where would the particles that created these Pre-Matter / Anti-Matter particles come from?

Even in science as in religion there is no determinant point of creation because to say so means that those factors involved with creation simply were there the entire time......but because of the PIL Theory such a determinant cannot exist as the single determining factor of creation.


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Oh, frankly I give up on trying to understand all the science behind things like Higgs-Boson, String Theory, Dark Matter, The Expanding Universe and the like.  

I think that scientists are chasing after what will in the end be a cosmic circle of time. It'll be as though they found the end, only to have found the beginning. 

Man is such a small thing really, in that believe that we could comprehend the entirety of the Universe is just laughable. 

I am amused whenever we struggle to get over that hurtle, only to find even deeper mysteries. 

What results from such experimentation leads me closer and closer to believing that one day we wil ltravel the universe - We have the magnetic bottle (althoug very small); when we we control antimatter in larger doses? Whne will we develope the spaceship capable of shielding us from cosmic rays, the bombardment of objects (shields) and true anti-gravity? 

I can't wait.


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I cannot abide talks of religions sice all religions are comppletely removed from their roots, and thos ewho still practive traditional beliefs we label primatives and use as slave labor.


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none alive today who were not born and raised in the devoloping or 3rd world cannot use religion in any contemporary setting, other than for thier own misguided selfish pourposes, or to attack others


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so by every paragraph starting thus I know you're severely deluding yourself, besides the ancients had it right somehow, they said the world was made of chaos, beyond the edge of the expanding universe, is chaos and whatever is out there dark matter is not thinning out as one would expect if it was nothing, after all what are repeating universes but exploding massive black holes and once all the galaxies are absorbed into theirs (except for the very few not proved to have then but held in place by other heavy gravitational forces) virtually all that will be left is them exploding, much of that stuff being absorbed into the other black holes till fewer and fewer exist, maybe it would take a thousand nearly as big as the big band till there was just one black hole left, but irregardless of when that is, it would be impractical to think none of that black hole stuff world remain, in fact it nearly had to be there in the creation of our universe or there would be no star makers nor star; with their partials or whatever acting like the dust caught in a cloud that forms rain; so that therefore must be beyond the edge of our universe and presumably somehow being incorporated within it.


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Hopefully soon we can prove the existance of Dark Matter, as we know the universe is too heavy - there's too much mass that we can account for.

You never know, the creation of faster than light matter and a few years a smaller version of the Hadron Collider could be the first warp core?


Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to space.


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So what you are really saying is that you are mindreading which is a form of delusion and demetia because you think that you know my thoughts?

Not even wrong.


What the ancients really meant by the word chaos was that they didn't understand what was happening in their mind when they tried to think about what lay beyond the edges of the Earth and past the Moon which during their time and until the first telescope was created their thoughts were chaotic or confused.

It wasn't until early astronomers first charted the night skies by simply drawing the stars that they seen did they start to put the chaos into ordered thoughts from which science came from.

Early astronomers and their many scribes would sit outside drawing the night skies every night. Every night they realized something was happening. The stars that they had drawn the night before were not in the same place as they had the night before and had been replaced by new stars.

Slowly but surely mathematical formula's began to appear as astronomers charted how long it took a certain group of stars to travel from point A or their first drawing to point B or a second drawing that showed the stars to be in a different location.

The Ancient Chaos really let loose on the astronomers when they started noticing that some stars were brighter than others which they concluded by using simple candle experiments to determine that the luminosity of star that like a candle close up meant that the star was closer to Earth opposed to a candle that was far away and less visable.



Only those like yourself are delusional because you are uneducated and without a sense of thought or creation.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.

Capt William Brewster

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The Higgs Boson Particle opens up more or less the whole of the galaxy as we know it.   It also could point to a cheap hyperspace or warpdrive Fuel Source as we might never have known before.   For instance if we use the math gained in German Scientists experiments in "seeing particles" in their Large Hadron Collider, you have to imagine that such particles could be found in Hyperspace Fuel Ores in asteriods in our solarsystem or nearby us in other starsystems.   We know such things as Fieons and Tachyons exist; so there must be a midpoint to the Higgs Boson calculations.


I have been doing some math high energy nuclear physics calculations using the theory that Hyperspace Fuels exist, basing my theories on the Television Series Battlestar Galactica TOS, I realize that this is a Star Trek website but I like alot of other Scifi series than Star Trek and crossovers I think are a great way to understand your favorite TV Series as well as understand what Nuclear Physics means to both the Star Trek Series and the TOS Battlestar Galactica TV Series.   For instance the God Particle is 185 GeV/2X c and a low point on their calculations was 114.4 GeV/c.   On my theories a Battlestar Galactica particle fuelsource was known as Tylium and it's weight would be at 133.9 GeV/2X c as what could be considered the medium end of the Higgs Boson Scale.   The very highpoint of the Higgs Boson Big Bang particle scale is 161GeV/2Xc .95% or so.   The tylium atom is actually about 133.9 GeV/2.25% c in value.   So it is a highly stable fuel source for hyperspace-warpdrive emissons.


The Tylium Atom splits apart and fuses back together again creating Gamma Radiation, Alpha, Beta and Muon Radiation a long with Pluton Radiation and releasing tachyon and feion particles in it's hyperspace plasma emissions.

Captain William Brewster

Capt William Brewster

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I completely agree Dryson, I think if you review my math calculations that it takes into consideration that Dilithium Crystals or in ore form may be also a fairly midpoint in the Big Bang Higgs Boson Particle Theory which is no theory now.   Now the only sticking point is we have to go out and discover the hyperspace or warpdrive fuelsource.

Captain William Brewster

Capt William Brewster

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I also agree if you have "matter particles" you can see, you must also have "darkmatter particles" you cannot see.   Inother words particles that go beyond the Higgs Boson particle limit of 185 GeV/2Xc limit; of course they would only be found near black holes or Worm Holes.   I suppose a starship could collect Anti-Matter if it was properly stored and we understood that there were realities where actual antimatter could be the basis of an dark dimention if people whom died eventually went into black holes and came out the "otherside".   This is more or less common sense High Energy Nuclear Physics understanding; it is not religious either.   Unless you wish to believe that people whom died their spirits enter suns and other peoples spirits that were bad entered black holes when they died after a time.


In physics I believe alot we cannot understand is possible, including in another galaxcy a thing known as "The Force of Light and Dark" exists and can be used.   I also think that it makes perfect sense in science as well.

Captain William Brewster

Capt William Brewster

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I also love the quote that Engineer Commander Scott said to Admiral Kirk when they had to steal an Klingon Bird Of Prey in the Search for Spook, "Captain after comming through that time warp, our Dilithium Crystals all melted and I had to get Mr Chekoff to re-constitute them......Sir....we had to put them on Fusion Rods to a core for the Reactor Core as if they were icecream on a stick."   Admiral Kirk: "I see Scotty.....Dilithium Popsicles on a stick then Commander Scotty?!"   Scotty: "Aye Sir....popsciles on a stick is just about the size of it.   But we got the Fusion Rods and re-constituted Dilithium work perfectly and we can get underway to get back into space in about 2hrs Sir."  

Captain William Brewster


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The Higgs Boson, aka god particle, has not one thing to do with creation or religion. It was nicknamed the "god" particle because the scientists looking for it prior to the LHC found it so elusive that it was called the "goddamn" particle but clearly that title wasn't going to be used in public documents.

Basically, the Higgs Boson, if it is finally confirmed (something has been found at CERN but the final confirmation is forthcoming), would explain why some fundamental particles have mass and would validate the Standard Model of physics. The Higgs Field is theorized to permeate all space and endows mass to particles that move through the field. It's mass is between 125 and 127 GeV/c2 .

Finally, no one of any scientific background EVER said the Higgs Boson created the entire universe.

Your discussion about a god/no god is philosophical in nature and has nothing to do with science. Science organizes knowledge of the observable (directly or indirectly) universe through testing which confirms or refutes a hypothesis. You can't prove the existence/non-existence of god until you have something to test. Repeatedly. Thus, proving that our ancestors didn't ride dinosaurs and the Earth is more than 6,000 years old is not the same as confirming/refuting the existence of a deity/intelligence/creator.

I'm not even sure why the two concepts were conflated by the OP but a quick Google search would have made it abundantly clear of the mistake.



It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock


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The perplexities of understanding creation has long eluded humanity but I think I can shed some light on how the planets of the Universe came into being by using models of the Higgs-Boson and the elusive matter called Dark Matter.

Hailed as the God Particle or the particle that created all the particle has been theorized to contain particles that reside somewhere and come from an unknown source.

What has been theorized though regarding these unknown particles and the Higgs-Boson is that such a particle that I will call the Progenitor Particle attaches itself to particles passing through the Higgs-Boson.  Each particle passing through the Higgs-Boson will have a certain number of Progenitor Particles attached to it based upon the properties of the particle itself. Such properties of the particle can be likened to sphere with a magnet in the center where the magnetic field would only be present around the outside of the sphere based upon how many holes and the size of each hole through which the magnetic field would project through.  Such an interaction then gives the particle its mass or the particles weight when in the presence of a gravitational field.

Each sphere would then attract as many particles to it based upon the magnetic field surrounding it which is then once again based upon the number of holes and the size of holes in each sphere.

To understand this draw several circles on a piece of paper the same size with different sized holes and a difference of holes in each circle. Each circle will represent a particle designed based upon the above sphere with a magnet inside of it. The particle shell itself is not interactable but the holes through which the magnetic field emits though would attract a certain number of Progenitor Particles that like water would fill up with the Progenitor Particles. Once the interior of the particle had been filled with Progenitor Particles the magnetic energy would pass through the Progenitor Particles to continue to attract more Progenitor Particles until just like a magnet eventually the energy would not be strong enough to continue to attract more Progenitor Particles.  This process would then create a Progenitor Particle build up within particle that would cover the shell of the particle itself.  The particle would then pass out of the Higgs-Boson and when it came into contact with a gravitational field would have a certain amount of weight placed on it creating its atomic weight and the elements that are part of the Periodic Table of Elements.

On a side not when looking at the Periodic Table of Elements starting with Hydrogen and Helium you will notice that there are distances between each element.  The distance between Hydrogen and Helium is 3.00163 Atomic Weight Units. This means that there are other gases that reside between such distances that have not been found yet.

It is also interesting that thirty of the 103 or 29.12621359223301% of all elements on the Periodic Table of Elements have a decimal value of .9…interesting that 223 is also part of the percentage.  I take that back 32 of the 103 elements have a decimal value of .9 or 32.06796116504854% of all of elements on the Periodic Table of Elements have .9 as the leading decimal value.  You will also notice that the Genesia Sphere Geometric Theory is mirrored in the center of the decimal value with the first decimal layer of the theory ending with the fourth number once again being the value of 9 along with a placement value of 4 layers. These two numbers when added together equals 13 or 1+3=4, 1-3=-2, 1/3 = 3, 1 x 3 = 3 and based upon a second type division a single object being the number one has been divided equally along exact distances of three cuts or 1//3 = 4, we have a set of numbers 13,4,-2,3,3 and 4.  Coming from the far end of the decimal layers starting the layers end with the number five or the sixth number.  These two numbers when added together equal 11 or 1+1 = 2, 1-1 = 0, 1 / 1 = 1, 1 x 1 = 1 and 1 / 1 = 2 we have a set of numbers 11,2,9,1,1,2.


13, 4,-2, 3, 3, 4

11, 2, 0, 1, 1, 2

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2   

When added together the result is 6.

When divided the result is 1.

When multiplied together the result is 6.

When subtracted the result is -8.

When using the special division method the result is 372.


As we can see the number 616 is present again like it is the algorithm above. But to make the sequence complete we need to get the remaining one from somewhere. That remaining 1 will be taken from the number 372 by multiplying the 3 and 2 together to get the result of 6 that is then subtracted from the 7 to get the result of 1 that is then inserted into the sequence to create the mirror of the Genesia Sphere Geometric Theory complete at 6116. What is the Genesian Sphere Geometric Theory?  Simply put it is a theory based upon using spheres designed as graviton spheres or spheres comprised entirely of gravity or another form of energy.

Since gravity would not have been around during the Big Bang but would have been present afterwards there must have been another form of energy present that is only slightly effected by gravity but would comprise most of the volume of our Universe as an Effector Particle. An Effector Particle is a particle that greater effects another particle or groups of particles while only slightly being effected by a group of particles and will never be effected upon by a single particle.

But back to the sequence started above for the moment when we combine the fourth and sixth layer placement values together we get the number 46.

4 x 6 = 24

4 – 6 = -2

4 + 6 = 10

4 / 6 = .6666666666666667

Counting the first 15 decimal values they are all sixes where 1+5 = 6

Using special division we achieve the result of 28 divisions. Once again when we multiply 2 and 8 the result is 16. When 1 is added to six the result is 7. In this case we are concerned about creating a link with the Universe using the daily rotation value of the Earth which is 24 hours a day.  When divided in two based upon night and day there is an equal amount of time for both being 12 hours or the number 3 when added together to give us the duality of 3,3 which is present in the first set of numbers that when added together give us 6 that when multiplied by the end number 4 the result is 24 and when multiplied by -2 the result is -12 or the night phase of planet Earth. 12 would be positive phase of the Earth when the sun is present.

So somewhere on the night side of planet Earth there is a coordinate that will direct us to locate the first habitable Earth like planet. This would true along the lines that searching for such a planet would be best conducted on the night side of the planet because the cold keeps many particles closer to the ground that would allow signals to be unaffected by their presence along with a reduced amount of UV interference that would also effect such a signal.

Back to the GSGT discussion.  In order for a single point of energy to release its force all necessary particles involved with such a creation would need to be compressed into a singularity similar to how a singularity is created when a sun collapses. But in this case a sun would not have been present before the Big Bang and would have only have been present afterwards as a result of the release of compressed energy.  Such energy could have in fact been large spherical shapes comprised entirely of the Higgs-Boson particle. As these spheres traveled the Universe they came into contact with each other. But it was only when six such spheres came together at precisely the exact time and point of convergence would a Big Bang result.

On a new piece of clean of drawing paper measure half the distance from the top to the bottom for both the length and width. At the intersection draw a dot about four times the size of the dot above the small letter I.  Next very lightly scribe a vertical and horizontal line through the GSGT dot the entire vertical and horizontal length of the drawing paper. What you have drawn is the focal point at which a singularity will be formed where the dot represents the singularity.  If you have circle templates pick a circle that is large but not too large, an inch in diameter should work perfectly as it will not take up too much space but will still allow a visualization of the GSGT. If you do not have circle templates then a quarter, a bottle cap lid or a round flash light about an inch in diameter should work fine.  Next place the circle template so that its centerline crosshairs located on the edge will line up with the vertical marker line. When in position move the circle template, while in position, so that it creates a tangent with the horizontal line through the GSGT focal point. Lightly trace the circle. Repeat again for the opposing side of the GSGT horizontal marker.  Line the circle template up with the horizontal GSGT horizontal line like you did with the vertical marker line. This time move the circle template so that it creates a tangent to with the first two GSGT Spheres and again lightly trace the circle pattern. Repeat again for the opposing side.   Depending upon which side of the GSGT marker line you started on your image will result in one of the following two images.




You will notice that at the center of the focal point extending above and below the GSGT Marker planes is the shape of an hour glass. Where at its center is a measure of precise time of many measures including distance and the measure of time itself.  In order the GSGT to work properly two more GSGT Spheres must be added. Since this is a 2D representation you will have to create the GSGT with a 3D modeling program to fully understand. But with a 2D drawing the 5 and 6th GSGT Spheres would be placed like so.













Now that the GSGT is complete the process of creating the Big Bang would occur at the GSGT focal point in the center.  Matter being directed towards the focal point based upon the Higgs-Boson and particle interaction would begin to have an increased pressure placed on it as the six GSGT Spheres came together. The increase in pressure would cause particles to fuse together and begin to release energy along the areas marked in green the ejecta represented in blue.






The ejecta in blue represents particles compressed at the main GSGT focal point in the center along with the secondary GSGT focal points marked in green that create an energetic release and then find the path of least resistance and escape into space.  The early nebula of a Universe could form in this manner as compressed gas and dust is ejected into space at extremely high rates of velocity possibly even faster than light speed for the simple fact that gravity would not be present in the void to slow the expanse down yet. 

Remember the Big Bang is taking less than Planck time to occur and that everything on the outside of the GSGT Oval would not be restricted to gravity allowing an expansion to happen extremely fast.

As the superheated gas is being ejected outwards it is superhot but rapidly cools possibly creating Dark Matter in the process.  As the matter at the center of the GSGT is compressed to a singularity the compressed singularity collapses just like a sun collapses.  While the release is occurring along with the ejected gas either becoming the beginning of a nebula or dark matter  begins to form on the outside of each GSGT Sphere as the release of energy begins  to send the GSGT Spheres into a spin along all four axis  x, y, z and w.  The w axis is an axis made up of the other three axis or the direction that the energy of the GSGT Sphere is taking at any one point in time relative to a central focal point at the center of the GSGT to each axis.

The spin could be a result of the Higgs-Bosons Progenitor particles attaching theirselves to other particles within the energetic release that only lasts less than a second.  The interaction between the Progenitor particles and the newly formed particles would create more energetic reactions along the w axis inside of the now spinning GSGT Sphere that coalesce around the Higgs-Boson that are slowly being forced into the center of the GSGT by the  rapidly expanding energetic mass.  

When the particles at the center of the GSGT Oval or Egg finally release their energy after being compressed into a singularity the sudden release of energy sends the six GSGT careening off into space at faster than light speed velocities. Why because once again gravity has not yet formed to keep the masses from coalescing at less than light speed velocities. But because the Higgs-Boson are able to retain their control of the mass of energy around them the mass keeps spinning and forcing its way towards the center further compressing the Higgs-Boson into a Higgs-Singularity.  Once the Higgs-Boson has been compressed into a singularity it releases another tremendous amount of energy that sends the Progenitor Particles flying in all direction thus adding new mass to particles that may not have any mass before.  The Higgs-Bosons that make it through the Higgs-Singularity expansion either find their way into the dark matter or they continue out in space and to what ends is unknown. Because the GSGT Sphere no longer has the Higgs-Boson at the center the Progenitor Particles trapped at the center retain control over the particles closest to them and then branch out through the now expanding Universe that is for the first time being effect by gravity from the center of the GSGT Sphere.     

The gravity that is forming because of the Higgs-Boson at the center of the forming Universe becomes connected to other areas of the GSGT where smaller groups of Higgs-Boson were compressed into Higgs-Singularities and released their energy in the same manner as the initial Big Bang.  The smaller groups coalescing will eventually become galaxies within the GSGT Universe.

During this period there would have been a lot of dark matter roaming about in all directions. Most of the dark matter would have been flowing with the direction of the spin of the Higgs-Boson at the center. As matter collided together heated up and cooled down the Higgs-Boson with the dark matter took hold of these particles and further collisions occurred. As the collisions occurred more and more matter built up in locations around suns that could in fact possibly be the result of smaller groups of Higgs-Bosons being compressed together to release a stable amount of released energy.

The matter that was coalesced by dark matter soon formed the planets of within each solar system.  To prove this basic idea, take several small pieces of modeling clay and ball it up. Place it on the table in front of you so that clay balls are about ¼” apart. They will represent the matter that is colliding together but as yet remains un-sculpted.  Now find some card stock which is paper board about a 1/16” thick. You will need another person for this part of the experiment. Form the card stock into a cone with the pointy top pointed towards the sky and the round base placed around the perimeter of the clay balls.

As you slowly spin the cone have your assistant gently move their hand down the cone applying a gentle inward pressure so that as your assistants hand moves closer to the base the base of the cone becomes smaller than what it was when you began. The shape of the cone should look like so once your assistants hand is at the bottom of the cone.





The premise behind the card stock and you turning it while your assistant compresses the base is too mimic a new function of the Progenitor Particle that because of the interaction with dark matter the flowing clouds of a dark matter are now attracting towards each other in opposite directions.

See below:




As the Progenitor Particles attract towards each other combined with the velocity of dark matter the mass of material is further compressed together. The mass that comes into compression first with each other releases an amount of energy similar to the singularity expanding and releasing its energy, but not as much.  If the forming planet has enough mass to take the release of energy the material forms around the energetic release which is slowly becoming the molten core of the planet.  If not then the material is sent hurtling through space to become what it will be further along its evolutionary path.

With little or no Progenitor Particles left the dark matter cloud then continues its dance through the Universe until all that remains are a few Progenitor Particles that coalesce within the region of dark matter where any remnants of the Higgs-Boson would also possibly reside. Since the Higgs-Boson and Dark Matter are extremely elusive would make them perfect companions within the Universe.  One being of the other.

Now let’s go back to the 6116 decimal layer from earlier. By now you should have noticed that there is a single focal point within the GSGT Egg from whence six GSGT spheres came together to create a singularity that enabled the other six GSGT Spheres or Universes to be born. This process when mirrored on itself would tell me that if such a process were a single occurrence that only the one single decimal layer of 61 would be present. But because the decimal layers mirror theirself the GSGT process is mirrored many times over creating the GSGT process billions of times within space.

Just for your own knowledge base there are three layers of space. The first being Anti-space which is the entire Universe where energetic interactions take place where A-Space cannot effect upon or be effected upon by a particle to create an energetic release of energy.  Then there is Space which is present within a populated Universe where planets and stars are present and is comprised of dark matter which does effect particles within its space and can be measured but no longer has the ability to react with other particles in space such as it did during the coalescing period of a Universe.  Space could have residual effects that slowly over time cause a sun to use its fuel and could possibly be the cause for a sun collapsing into a black hole.


Then there is Normal Space where measurable and predictable interactions between particles take place on a daily basis.

But the most fascinating aspect of this theory that I found is the following. The fourth layer decimal placement of the elements that have .9 in their decimal value and the sixth layer decimal placement have an encrypted alphabetical value to them. The number four equals the letter D and when combined with the sixth decimal layer of six equals 24 or Earth time. When the GSGT equation of 6 GSGT Spheres + 1 focal point of Creation is added together the result is seven. Seven equals the letter G.  Because the there is only one central focal point during a GSGT event and we take the alpha or the first letter from the word one we have the result of O or the point at which all energy coalesces together as one to create life.

The combination of these letters and numbers equal the word.


The GSGT Theory does affirm the thought of creation based in part on science and faith while the actual design of the Universe of Anti-Space or the entire Universe is completely outside the realm of my knowledge because there are no particles in Anti – Space that have been discovered yet to confirm that the entirety of space is based on particle interaction. Such a notion is protected by a paradox of infinite equations and probabilities that exist somewhere in the Pi formula of 3.14.  

The word God does not convey a male or female superiority factor either. But is  merely a thought of equal and exact energetic forces converging together to create life and being over all in a causality of random natural events that can be seen, heard and measured by the life created within a GSGT Egg.


But what if we were to discover one day that the formula Pi did have an ending and did not have an infinite continuity? What would we find be 3.14? This is an infinite base of thought where the real paradox of creation resides, 3 + 1 = 4 x 4 = 16 = 1 + 6 =( 7) or 3 x 1 = 3 x 4 = 12 = 1 + 2 = (3). 

For me it means that she surrounds me with darkened long flowing hair, her voice wrapping my soul like golden silk flowing eternally for her number is 3 or c or the light in my Universe.

But since the GSGT numerical sequence 1 + 6 is present within the Pi formula what you determine that awaits you on the other side of Pi is completely upto you and your faith.

Can I prove this theory? No but is what I choose to believe in like the bee leaving the normal fields of gathering to find a field quiet and full of untouched flowers.

To read the whole article with images included here is the link.







A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.

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