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Am I considered to be a troll here?

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Created by: corndogs


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uptight people tend to be: racist, culturally intolerant, evil people with little or no contact with or tolerance for people dif. from themselves; and the more uptight someone is the more of a negative reaction they have towards other behaviors, and there is no dif. between where you come from, political correctness is just as intolerant to other's views as book burning is; in fact most people of color take pc for the nonsense it is, white people ridding themselves of white guilt by not actually doing anything, and actually allowing them to hide bigotry; not that that matters for after 9/11 an entire generation know nothing of the beats mentality, hippy mentality, civil rights mentality, etc.


And as implied above the more uptight someone is, the more they throw around those internet terms; and when I realized what troll meant (trolling for debate) I saw nothing wrong with it at all, but much wrong with anyone who'd criticize it; unless they are purely engaged in close friendships in an area meant just for that, in which case their appropriate response would be showing that person friendship, not name-calling, so I suspect anyone using the term should be banned from the internet before anyone else but terrorists, web scams of direct money or love scams.


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Well let's break this down.

We've got 4 definite yes votes, from actual, legitamate users.

There are 5 No votes, most likely cast by Somerled, Scooby, and 3 of either Somerled's or Sccoby's (or combination of both) duals. So those don't count.

There are 3 undecided votes, meaning those members think you're a troll but are afraid to admit so because you're, youknow, not "stable". So those are really yes's.

And then there are 2 members that say you are possbly a troll. That's a wishy-washy way of saying yes Scooby, you are a troll.

A unanimous YES!!!


There's a kind of freedom in being totally screwed, you know things can't get any worse.


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  I havn't voted, but there is no way that is scooby. 

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Am I considered a troll around here?

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