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DNC video: Government is the only thing we all belong to

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What? You thought that you were an individual? Not so, apparently. This video from the DNC informs us that we are in fact property that belongs to the government.


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Yea... but not surprising as the ProRegressives view the citizens as slaves only here to do the bidding of the government.


And then there's the speeches that they continue with the same concept - government government government.... here to control every aspect of our lives.


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I'm an American. I'm not a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian or a member of the Green Party. I'm not conservative, moderate or a liberal. My loyalty is to the United States of America not to a political party. Why would you give your loyalty to a political party? The petty partisanship that exists today is meant to divide and it is being used by ALL political parties. We all need to remember that our country is bigger than a political party. The guy or gal you are calling names such as fascist conservative or commie liberal is your countryman and your neighbor. That is more important than any political philosophy. Whether you consider yourself the 99% or the 1% you are an American first.

I won't be loyal to any political party, but I can,  however, give my loyalty to a nation that not only is the land of my birth, but has afforded me freedoms and opportunities that do not exist in other countries.

If you don't know what you are or to whom you should owe your loyalty, I feel sorry for  you. 


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I think that the most telling point was then the delegates denied God & Jerusalem, not just once.... not twice, but three times!

The chairman was quite shocked when those that wanted to reject the amendment was louder than those that supported it.


IMO, there was no way that 2/3 of the people supported it.  Just another example of how the ProRegressives (both parties) think - the "leadership" can just shove anything they decide down the throats of others (even if they don't believe it themselves.)


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Another example of the Democrats caving to the right.


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Don't you just love the DNC's tribute to us Veterans..... they use the RUSSIAN navy in its pictures....


So would that be considered a "Freudian slip" or just plain idiocy?


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I can think of about 10,000 things wrong with that statement, but haven't seen the video, so do not know if many of them fit, so here are just a few:

Not everyone belongs to the same govt, presuming the speaker is am American, U.S. ; speaking about the U.S.A., here are just a couple of facts and figures: u.s. in  2010 officially had 314,369,000 (I would presume that to be to the nearest 1k and from the census) and the from wikipedia  United States Census Bureau population clock is estimated at 7.039 billion. According to a separate estimate by the United Nations, it exceeded 7 billion in October 2011 that means that about 95% of the world are not part of the U.S. govt; when Dark skinned Latinos were considered black the u.s. figured 30% of America was black, and we now think the aproximitely 60-65% of European-Americans and Asian-Americans being bigoted against them was evil, does that make the speaker not even recognizing the existance of non-americans 40 times infinity times more bigoted?

#2 the u.s. govt is and always has been catering to the rich and powerful and doing its best to ignore them, we even created a whole science of getting elected by telling the public what it wants to hear with no intention to keep the promises (not that the elections do not matter, nixion- fixed elections; bush- fixed elections; non-fixed elections keep us from decending into hell)

that's enough isn't it?

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