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Would anyone out there be interested in seeing a new Star Trek series?


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You gotta be kidding?  does the sun rise & set every day?  I cannot believe that TV is missing this opportunity.  How many trekkies are there out there?  how many thousands of 'star struck' nuts who'll watch this stuff forever????  with the right writers, it would go platinum. 


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Quote: Anomalous Readings @ Oct. 15 2012, 12:54 pm


>I'd love it, to be honest. However, I'd like it to have a Vulcan or an Andorian as a captain, instead of a human.


A vulcan wouldn't be as good a captain as a first officer, because an emotionless person wouldn't be interesting enough, even if it was a vulcan.

I would like to see an Andorian main character, as I think they were underused. There are 48 vulcans on DS9, 2 on voyager, and always a few bolians aroud, but never an andorian.

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It's funny, I was watching old eps of Voyager (my second least favorite as far as series go in my opinion) on Amazon Prime the other night thinking there is a major void in TV today because there is no current Trek on TV.

randy kerr

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i will go for it.


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I would love to see a new Trek series, even though I have't even finished the other series yet ! It would still be amazing.


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Provisionally yes.

But with quality over speed, if you know what I mean. Don't just churn something out because some fans are wanting it, not unless TPTB can put some thought into it and come up with a really solid concept.

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Make it so, Number One.


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Danger Ace

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Would anyone out there actually want to watch a brand new Star Trek television series?

Yes, absolutely. What killed "Enterprise," in my view, was not neccessarily too much Trek too soon (though some extended hiatus between it and "Voyager" would have been a good idea), but rather that it was a sloppy, creatively lazy effort. "Enterprise" got the audience its merits deserved.


The last ST movie sucked.  Seriously, it seemed to be evidence that all most producers out there even consider any longer is a film that practically appears to morally be of no poorer quality then adult porn.

Can't agree with you here (even if I could claim to fully understand your definitions and/or meaning). Abrams reboot of the Star Trek film series was Trek boiled down to an action heavy/lite plot that was a major hit. Even I loved it despite the lack of a real and rational plot. I realize it is not the Original Star Trek I knew and adored but it is a new Trek for a new generation that honestly doesn't even care to include us "old-timers." Sadly, that's life. Hollywood seeks to skew younger and younger as I get older and older. "Adult porn" though? Not even close (at least by my definition).


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I think television could use a good sci-fi series about now. A lot of people I know would kill to see a new star trek series. The only question would be agreeing on what the series would be about. I think it should be set in a time travelling setting that originates in the thirty first century. 

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