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Would anyone out there be interested in seeing a new Star Trek series?


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Sorry if I have mispelled anything here, but I was just wondering.  Would anyone out there actually want to watch a brand new Star Trek television series?

The last ST movie sucked.  Seriously, it seemed to be evidence that all most producers out there even consider any longer is a film that practically appears to morally be of no poorer quality then adult porn. 

So, what if someone out there actually did create an interesting plot, would you be interested?\




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Of course I would. 


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randy kerr

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o yea.


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I wouldn't mind although I would like to see a new animated one.

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A new series would be good   But I would hope that it would be a decent storyline.  Same for a new movie.  They could look to some of the books for good ideas.  I would love to see like 'Vanguard', 'New Frontier' or even some like the 'Typhon Pact' as a series or a mini series.  I know that Titan might be too ambitious an undertaking what with their varied crew, but that could be a good one, too

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Are Orions green ? Heck yea.

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Momo Spock

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Totally Star Trek needs to show people were SERIES PEOPLE! NOT JUST MOVIE PEOPLE!! plus we could do with something else to talk about and watch.

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Quote: OneDamnMinuteAdmiral @ Sep. 11 2012, 7:09 am


>I wouldn't mind although I would like to see a new animated one.


I'd also like to see one not just TAS besides the plenty of rumors into the internet. These are from story-concepts in no production phase to fan episodes. A animated one in cgi would be good.


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Boy would I!!!!

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Absolutely!  Instead of going further into the future I would like to fill in the gap between the initial movie era and TNG.

I would start just a couple of years before the events of stvi with a captain under the command of admiral Cartwright but not part of the conspiracy. She would command an Excelsior class ship exploring the beta quadrant, her family would live on a colony world near the Klingon border and be killed in an "unauthorized raid" in season two, the event that admiral Cartwright would use to introduce her to the conspiracy, the second season would end with the Praxis event.  

She obviously didn't turn in the conspiracy, but did she play any part in what followed? What was the extend of her involvement? Does her career survive? What is the fallout, and what happened after the movie ended?


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Absolutely.Yes. I Want lots of Space Combat!

Anomalous Readings

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I'd love it, to be honest. However, I'd like it to have a Vulcan or an Andorian as a captain, instead of a human.

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Yes but ONLY if Rick Berman does it. I don't dislike the 2009 movie, I really don't, but it just wasn't the same, and I feel like Rick Berman is the only one who can truely do Trek. I wouldn't mind Ron D Moore and Ira Behr and Brannon Braga jumping in and helping as well.

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