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What Trek series to you own on DVD?

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Created by: corndogs


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Do you own any of the television series Trek on DVD? 


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Netflix! The only down side is a few TNG episodes are missing.


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I have them all. Prior to 2008, I made enuf money to get them.

I even have the HD version of TOS.


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I have TOS and TNG on dvd! Netflix is great though because the series can be expensive to buy! lol 


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I have every season to every series. Some of my box sets are even signed by various actors. Netflix sucks because none of the movies are there, and you can't watch TNG, DS9 and Voyager together in the sequence they all aired in like I enjoy doing, as you can do much more easily with the dvds.


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I only have TOS on DVD.  Loving that I can stream with Netflix right now.  Hoping that the BluRay TNG remasters will be available on Netflix for disc checkout - I sort of want to get them, but can't really justify putting down the money for a series that I would probably watch once every 5 or so years

Darren M Smith

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I have TOS both re -masrered and the original DVDs, all of TNG and up to season 6 of Voyager plus season 1 of DS9.Slowly building them up on DVD

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I started collecting 30th Anniversary Collectors Editions of TOS on VHS video in the 1990's, collected them all, then TNG also on video until series 5, at which point they started being released on DVD here in the UK. I then collected all the other series on DVD and when complete, I started to replace all the videos with DVDs. I also had to replace all the video editions of the films with DVD eventually too. 


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They need to start showing ST: Enterprise on TV...


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I own: TOS, TAS, TNG, and ENT. 


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TNG and TOS. The former is watched by far the most often.

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