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U.S.S. Redemption


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In the year 2390 Federation President G'ath is assassinated during the christening ceremony of Starfleet's newest flagship, the USS Redemption. In response to this act, Starfleet Command ordered the USS Redemption to follow the assassins trail and bring justice to G'aths meaningless death. Their findings had far-reaching consequences for the entire of the Alpha Quadrant. Orchestrated by a rouge group of Andorians known only as the "Confederacy of the Underdark", G'ath's death was intended to spark a civil war within the Federation itself. Only two months later, a Bajoran terrorist was successful in starting such a civil war by bombing the Federation Council Chamber - and Starfleet Command - on Earth. At the same time as the terrorist bombing, Starfleet Command lost contact with its Sixth Fleet. This fleet was soon to be discovered to be under rebel control.

Meanwhile, deep within the Beta Quadrant, the Romulan Empire were forced out of their terratory by a powerful new enemy known only as the "Ee". Following an accident involving a new transwarp drive, the Redemption discovered that both Romulus and Remus had fallen into the clutches of the "Ee". The Romulan Preator had no other choice but to seek Federation aide in resettling the refugees from the Romulan home worlds. A tentative arrangement has been forced between the Federation, Cardassian Union, Klingon Empire and former Romulan Empire concerning the relocation of the Romulan refugees. Preator Sahrin is currently in the process of rebuilding his empire from an unpopulated Federation world.

Seemingly fighting a war on two fronts, the future of the Federation hangs dangerously in the balance. Will the next crisis to hit the United Federation of Planets be its last? The Redemption's ongoing mission it to prevent that possibility.

"Star Trek Redemption" is a PBeM (Play By Email) RPG which utilities unique characters to expand upon the known "Star Trek" Universe in the 24th Century.


Please feel free to contact me at: for more information or visit our webpage at


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