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"Patterns of Force" questions

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On TOS episode "Patterns of Force", I was watching the remastered version of this episode on MeTV, and in the part where they call for McCoy to join them, I noticed a gap missing from memory where they go to a coatroom and communicate with Uhura  and McCoy on the Enterprise. They asking for Dr. McCoy to beam down and have him fitted with a Nazi Doctor's uniform from Nazi era Germany. Why was this bit omitted from the remastered version? I can't see any reason why it should have been. In the remastered version, it shows them in a hallway asking where they could a few minutes to buy some time and are told the coatroom. Next, they cut to the scene where McCoy, in Nazi uniform, is struggling to get a boot on in the coatroom. Has anyone else noticed this? Has this happened in other remastered TOS episodes where say a minute of or so of episode has been cut out from the remastered version and why?


I have found the clip that was omitted. It's about 1minute 30 Sconds that is missing:


And second of all, after John Gill was murdered, why didn't they beam his body back to the Enterprise for burial on Earth? Or was it because he got so caught up and involved in  Ekotian society as a figurehead and leader in their history, that they thought he should be buried on Ekos? While he was still alive and they were trying to get answers from him with the time they had, why couldn't they have have the Enterprise beam him to sickbay and McCoy could have run more tests on him and take him back to Earth? Of course, that would be before they would have to find out why Gill broke the Prime Directive as a Federation observer and got involved in Ekos society and politics.

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My Theory: McCoy Was Having A Hard Time Getting The Boots On. Kirk Said " Beam Him Down NAKED If You Have To! " Anybody Wanna Touch That?


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I've watched the remastered, and I don't remember that first part left out.


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I'm not familiar with "MeTV" but it may have been edited out for broadcasting on there because on the dvds that scene is still there. It wasn't left out when the show was remastered.

If they had simply beamed him back to the ship and someone had figured it out, that would have given Melakon more amo to go to war with Zeon because he'd have blamed them for kidnapping the feuhrer. Also, They needed Gill there to put a stop to the invasion after Kirk finally slapped him awake. No one else could have stopped the bloodshed. As for the body, I think you hit it with him becoming such a part of their society and history that it would have done more damage than good to take him away. It would have revealed his origins from another world. And there's nothing to say they couldn't have gone back and beamed his body out of the casket after the funeral. Transporters are amazing pieces of technology.

Ahh, Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb which tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It's very space.


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Yeah I remember that being omitted too when I watched on MeTv. It mad me confused, as I hadn't seen that episode in a while, so it felt like something was missing. And that's what it was. 

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