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Captain Kirk's Greatest Enemy?


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As we all know, there have been plenty of foes in TOS that tried to ruin the day for Kirk and crew. We've seen everything from Klingons, Romulans, Superhumans, and even some not-so-super humans that just tried to steal the Enterprise a few times. Some of them almost succeeded. Which foe from TOS would you say is Kirk's greatest enemy? And why? 



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The space hippies from "The Way to Eden".

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For my part Kirk's greated enemy were (he deld with) the Klingons & either way the mutants / superhumans / genetic engineerd / augments or the androids from Noonian Sing.


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Well, in the movies, kirk's hatred for Klingons is apparent. If we're only talking TOS tv episodes, I think there are a number of candidates. Khan of course was a major threat in both.


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Kirk's tight pants. He had many erections and his tight
pants caused him much embarrassment and pain.


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In the movies I would say Klingons. The television series would have to be a tie between Mudd and Khan.




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Kahn, Klingons, and of course, the dreaded space hippies. The tight pants, while painful, do not count as a villain, I don't think.

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I never thought of Kirk's pants as being a villain, but the ladies in the shows sometimes seemed to cause a lot of trouble for Kirk. haha 

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I Assume ,Other Than Himself,Maybe?


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I think Kahn is a very obvious and logical choice as his worst enemy. But I suggest his worst enemy was himself as in "The Enemy Within" when Kirk was split into two. Also in other episodes we often see a less obvious example of this as Kirk admits to Dr. McCoy his struggles with self doubt and the stresses of command. All great leaders struggle with these issues and it made the character more real and rich.

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