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How much help could either MACO or Enterpise stander security been in the espidoe the Xindi if Enterpise had been boarded


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Report this Aug. 29 2012, 8:49 pm

Let say in Star Terk Enterpise espidoe the Xindi those heavy armed warships board the NX Enterpise how much help real differnt either MACO or NX Enterpise security been.

Let face all likleyhood the board parties heavy armed warships had been at least as well armed people surface. NX Enterpise security pratice no better armed then the people on surface mining place maybe little worst equement. MACO likley been lot more harder to beat but they heavy out number. Even know the ship inside out not made big differnt one think. While yes likely take areas make job defend ship some what better combine MACO head off little longer not by more few days at best.



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