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Star Trek Screen Shots


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Report this Aug. 27 2012, 9:05 pm

hey, guys'm interested in creating an online episode guide for TNG with originally created synopsis/reviews/banter for each episode.....i'm a huge fan (of every series and movie) and don't wish to upset you guys in anyway and would most likely link to your site, store, etc and other star trek resources online......i'm curious of the legalities involved, ie, using a screen shot per episode...i certainly wouldn't be showing episodes or even clips on the site....just strickly descriptions/opinions/reviews of the episodes...

is this something that would get me into legal trouble? again, i am a big fan and don't wish to upset the star trek franchise...i'm just followning the mantra 'do what you love'....

can you let me know what i can and can't do....fair use, etc?



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