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Why does BBC America keep plaing the same 30+/- episodes over and over?

Gopher John

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I have been DVR-ing TNG on BBC America for a couple of years now, and this is driving me absolutely nuts.  They keep playing the same episodes over and over again.  They seem to be from seasons 3, 4 and five; but not all of the episodes from those seasons.  I am guessing that BBC-A only bought the rights to certain shows.  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or knows why. 


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Have not had BBC America in a few years, but if they are only showing a few episodes, then that may be all they bought. When G4 ran TOS "2.0" they only had a few episodes to show. Hope this helps


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Just use netflix, they have every episode in good quality!


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on the SYFY channle this thursday there going to show a TNG marathon. its starts at 8:00 am and ends 6:00 pm


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I notice that some channels do show repeats of episodes. I guess the reason is because they can't think of anything to put on the TV stations schedule.


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I haven't had that problem. They've been showing them where I live in order from Season 1. They did, however, end the sequence before with Times Arrow Pt. 1 which was strange.

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I had to clear out my cache on DirecTV in order to save space on my disk drive, now I have repeats of maybe ten to fifteen episodes.  BBCAmerica might only have the rights to certain episodes and not entire seasons, but at least we get a TNG fix on TV! 

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Quote: Fun123fun8 @ Sep. 02 2012, 5:28 pm


>on the SYFY channle this thursday there going to show a TNG marathon. its starts at 8:00 am and ends 6:00 pm


8 to 6? Of all the lousy timing, I'll likely miss it due to work, and they recently canceled TNG on the local channel here, I have no place but here to get my trek on! Argh! 

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I always thought that was just the way TV worked, I got the dvds


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BBC America is now showing seasons 3-7. They must have decided it was worth it to buy the later seasons as well. Wouldn't be surprised though if they hold out for the re-mastered episodes from seasons 1 & 2.

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