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whos at YOUR back?

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Created by: KNCC1701A


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thank you for your time,

and I when I mean "at your back" I mean in ANY situation you might come up whith, from battle to... the be- never mind   .

(ps: my personal choice would be t'pol)


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For battle and general hanging out, I would choose Trip. He seems like someone you go hang out and have a beer with, but who also is good in a fight and a person you could trust to watch your back. As for "the be-never mind", I'd choose T'Pol.

Ahh, Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb which tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It's very space.


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i would chose hoshi, but only the mirror hoshi cause then she would help me become emporer of the galaxy mwhaha

dannit Jim im a doctor not a bricklayer


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I'm partial to Asian women who are even hotter than me

Anything I can think of to put here would most likely get me banned


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For a fight, I picked Malcom Reed, he loves to shoot at things. Warpgirl9, best answer on the board so far! Hoshi would also be a good choice, she could translate almost anything, great for talking your way out of trouble with aliens. Phlox can patch you up when you get in trouble with aliens. There are no bad choices here.

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...duh, Malcolm, obviously! He's the Armoury/Security/Tactical Officer, and the !@#$&! writers didn't give enough constructive stuff for Dominic Keating to do, and when they do, it's something stereotypic, like making him the spy in "Affliction/Divergence". That was the saddest excuse for an episode--actually not, EVERYTHING with Trip and T'Pol in the same scene was wasted time.

NexGen, DS9, and V'ger got seven years each with paper cutout characters and too much Treknobabble, and what do the same writers do for ENT?! Make Trip have a nervous breakdown because his sister died, create an attack no one's heard of--what, you've forgotten about the bloody ROMULANS already?! And then, to add insult to injury, have a drug-addicted Vulcan jump Trip's bones?! AFTER he's had a nervous breakdown?! Really professional, I'm sure...

...and Hayes? Like any, but any, of his behavior was professional? If he'd pulled that crap with Reed during any Earth conflict, he'd be in the brig, accused of sedition, if not treason, before he'd gotten to planning his next idiotic insult. He was SUPPOSED to be under Reed in the chain of command, and he certainly wasn't acting like he knew that.

//sigh// " many (male) (Human) Starfleet officers, so little time..." Serit, feeling illogically emotional right now


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Poor Mayweather with no votes =(


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I've always had a soft spot for Trip. He's a tough guy with a sensitive side. And besides the fact that he's smokin' hot, he's a brilliant engineer and decent at fighting. And he has the ability to charm even a Vulcan. So of course the "other" thing would be amazing too. 


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T'pol would be my easiest primary choice.  Solid all-rounder and especially if the mission has a high chance of being stranded together she'd be the only choice.

But given all the potential engineering snafus Trip is always a top pick for any short-term challenge.  All of them are well-trained enough in fighting that Malcolm's extra expertise wouldn't often be needed.

So, I voted Trip.  T'pol otherwise...and when off-duty.


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I went with Trip for versatility.  He's smart, hard working, a decent fighter... but more than anything, his greatest asset that beats out all the other options--his loyalty.

As far as the second part goes... I pick WarpGirl9, but will settle for Empress Hoshi in a pinch.

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I would definately have to say Trip. He'll be honest with you. He's tough yet has a sensitive side.

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