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Best First Season


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So I was reading a thread in the Voyager forums stating that Voyager had the best first season of all the Star Treks.  I can see that point of view, but I personally thought DS9 had the best first season (I may be biased since it was also my favorite Trek series).  TNG season 1 could have used some work, which is understandable given that it was the first Trek in 20 or 30 years.  I liked Enterprise and Voyager Season 1, but not as much as DS9, and TOS Season 1 was a fun watch but quite disjointed.




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I love Voyager in general, don't get me wrong. Voyager is my 2nd favorite Trek series, however I have absolutely no idea how Season 1 of Voyager won. I think it's easily the weakest first season out of all the 1st seasons.

I feel like Season 1 of Voyager has some strength, I do like that not everything for the whole series gets established in the pilot. The pilot really only introduces the characters and the ship being in the Delta quadrant. But then the next several episodes begin setting up other plot points, such as Torres not being chief engineer yet, it's not until a few episodes in that the Doctor starts trying to figure out a name, and Kes starts assisting the doctor, that Neelix becomes morale officer and cook.

All these things happen over the course of I'd say the first 6 or 7 episodes. Which is good, but where it feels odd is how the season ends. Because Learning Curve isn't the real Season 1 finale. They ended Season 1 early to keep it in sync with Season 3 of DS9, but they still had 4 episodes of Voyager left that were still Season 1 episodes, that got put into Season 2. And then they were all out of sequence and it was just wierd. The Season 2 premier is what should have been the Season 1 finale. I'm referring to the 37's. And you can tell the difference between Season 1 episodes and Season 2 episodes. If you have the dvd, Season 2 disc 1, 3 of the episodes on the disc are Season 1 episodes that weren't aired as Season 1, there's only one episode, Initiations which is a Season 2 episode, and that episode clearly has a different look and feel from the other 3. On disc 2 of Season 2, there's one more Season 1 episode.

And Season 1 also had an error on Tuvok, who was the rank of Lieutenant, but for the majority of Season 1, he has the rank pips on his uniform as Lieutenant Commander, and towards the end of the season, that 3rd pip disappears.

I certainly don't consider the Season bad, but I do think it's the weakest 1st season out of them all, and the weakest season of Voyager.


Personally my favorite Season 1 is DS9's first season. I really enjoy TOS season 1 too, and I agree TOS Season 1 is disjointed, however all of TOS is extremely disjointed, which is why TOS is my least favorite series. But I still love TOS, still really enjoy it alot, but I do wish it was a little more organized and structured like the other series are.


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Interesting notes on the Voyager production Sora - I watched Voyager on DVD as well and didn't really notice those details (then again, I'm not the type to notice them on the first pass).  I always thought that Voyager should have had a little more connectivity back to the Alpha quadrant through some sort of communications relays and more wormholes, and that disconnection gave me a slight bias against it (along with the cheesiest love stories of all the Treks).  That said, it was still well done.  I'm also thinking there maybe should have been more Kazon and Vidian (sp?) build up in the first season, and there was too much split between Alpha quadrant politics, Delta quadrant main aliens, and random type episodes and not enough build up of the Delta quadrant early on.  Gotta rewatch this series sooner rather than later.


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haha Well I certainly reccomend re-watching Voyager, it really is a very strong series. Much more than what most people think.


I think you'll enjoy Season 2 much more. Season 2 gets much more focused than Season 1 is. For one it's a full season, so that already helps it, they had all of their errors corrected as well. That's also how you can tell if the Season 2 episodes are Season 1 episodes, in Season 4 of DS9 the phasers and tricorders were updated, Voyager manages to get those updated Tricorders and Phasers in Season 2 that they didn't have in Season 1 lol Lost in the Delta Quadrant, no contact with Starfleet, but they can still get new equipment

Anyway, that's why their equipment changes back and forth for alittle while in Season 2.

But Season 2 really starts focusing on The Kazon and Vidians, and Seska, and the 2nd season also has some very good stand alone stories too. It's a very good Season.

Season 3 is good, but feels hollow for lack of a better term. I believe the reason for that is because Season 3 had no villiain, they were out of Kazon and Vidian space by Season 3, so those stories were done, Seska was done, the Borg weren't quite there yet, and it won't be until Season 4 that they find the Hirogen and Season 5 that they find the Malon.

Now Season 3 does pick up with the doctor getting his mobile emitter, and starting to hint at the relationship between Paris and Torres.

They also do a bit more with Kes in Season 3, as it is her last season. I'm not much of a Kes fan anyway, but for those that are, I'm sure Season 3 will be a fun season for them.

Season 4 is really when the Borg gets big in the series. We left last Season with Scorpion part 1, Janeway making a pact with the Borg to defeat Species 8472, and with the conclusion brings Seven of Nine.

Overall, it's a great season, but still not quite my favorite, it takes some time for Seven of Nine to get fully integrated into the show, but still a great season.

However Season 4 features Year of Hell which is my number one favorite episode not only in Voyager but ever in Star Trek.

Season 4 is the only season other than Season 1 to not have a cliff-hanger ending.

Season 5 opens up with the episode Night which again is just a great episode, this is where we're introduced to Tom Paris's Captain Proton holodeck program.

It also has Dark Frontier, which is a 2 hour episode about the Borg and it's my favorite Borg episode and my 2nd favorite episode in Voyager and Trek in general.

So many incredible episodes this season, Timeless, Relativity, 11:59, just to name a couple.

The Season ends with Equinox, part 1 which is just another incredible episode. I've even heard some fans say they wish Voyager had been about a crew acting like the Equinox crew because they are so desperate to get home.

Season 6 I absolutely love. It's my favorite Season, and this is where we really start getting closer to the Alpha Quadrant, Barclay and Troi start making quite a few appearances at this point, and now Starfleet knows that Voyager is still in one piece.

The Season ends with Unimatrix Zero, Part 1, another great Borg episode.

Season 7, while I feel isn't quite as good as 5 and 6, is still very good. It's a wonderful conclusion to a great series. Has some great episodes, like Flesh and Blood, Author Author, Lineage, and of course Endgame is a great finale.

All in all, Voyager isn't quite as strong as DS9, but I think it's an easy 2nd.


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I'm giving the number 1 slot to TOS. You have to remember it was written back in the 1960s, and it showed people something they had never seen before: all kinds of cool technology, an African American woman in a major role on a tv show and who participated in the first interracial kiss on tv, a crew that was a good mix of everything from Earth. This was a show that focused on relationships and civil rights for all. This is breakthrough, especially for the tumultuous decade of the 1960s. The first season was where it all started. There are great episodes like "Devil in the Dark,""Arena," "The City on the Edge of Forever," and you can't forget the episode where we meet perhaps Kirk's greatest enemy, "Space Seed." 

It's really just a matter of opintion though. To each his own!

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Season 1 of TOS really is fantastic!

And honestly there's a good chance TOS would be my favorite Season 1 if TOS was just more coherent and more together.





they are all very clear and solid.

TOS has very solid stories, but as a series, it's all over the place. Nearly every episode of TOS could have been the pilot and it really would not have changed anything.

I feel that TOS lacks structure and character development.

But I don't blame that on Roddenberry or the writers, as TOS was really before it's time, and it's clear with how together the other series are. In the 60's everything was extremely stand alone, there were no arcs, no multi-part episodes, and no writing staff. I know most of the TOS episodes had it's own writer. Which is great for new ideas, but it leaves the series as a whole to be very incoherent.

But TOS is great, I love it, and I would gladly watch it over any other tv series


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Interesting discussion: what makes a season memorable? Its sense of mystery or ints presentation of familiar ideas in a new context? How far can the producers take innovations without losing the audience? How much repetition can we perceive until we feel things to be derivative?  It would be good to view the first episodes with critera in place to see what new perspectives we can find. 


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To me the most important thing in deciding which show had the best first season is just the number of really good episodes, and the consistency of good episodes. 

My favorite TOS S1:

Balance of Terror, Space Seed, City on the Edge of Forever, Corbomite Manuever, Errand of Mercy, Menagerie, Arena...


Conspiracy, Encounter at farpoint, The Neutral Zone...uh...Skin of Evil? Coming of Age??

DS9 S1:

Duet, Emissary, Past Prologue...A Man Alone? Captive Pursuits?


Prime Factors, Caretaker, Eye of the Needle, State of Flux...I don't know, Phage?


Shockwave pt.1, Silent Enemy, Andorian Incident, Cold Front, Broken Bow


I struggled to find five episodes that I consider really good for all of the shows except TOS, which I struggled to only pick 5. TOS had most of the shows best episodes in its first season. To me the only reason someone wouldn't pick TOS as having the best first season was if they didn't really like TOS, which is fine I guess. 


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For me TOS is hands down the best first season, strong characters, great stories, true pioneer frontier feeling. Lots of new frontiers from what audiences were seeing, to the social implications of the plots, to how it changed how networks veiw demographics and ratings.

DS9, VOY, & ENT all needed a season to catch their stride and really rev things up.

There was a writers strike on when TNG was released and I feel it showed, forced character development, over acting to compensate, and recycled TOS plots (Naken Now). Second season was a marked improvement and the whole production really caught it's stride in the third season. And the rest is history as to how good TNG got.

Great discussion!!!

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Definitely an interesting discussion.  Folks trumpeting TOS Season 1 seem to be looking at it for what it was in its time and how it addressed its demographic.  I'm wondering that if it weren't called Star Trek and given a fresh coat of effects-paint, would it even get past a season modern day?  I think a lot of folks expect shows to now have at least a small season-long arc.  If we are looking at the shows for what they were in their time, TNG would have to be right up there, as it sort of started a sci-fi renaissance, with all of the Stargates and other ST spinoffs following it up, and introducing some true character depth that hadn't been quite so well done in Sci fi before. 


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Given the time span between TOS and TNG I think we could definitly look at both in light of what they did in their time and the renaissances that they inspired. If they didn't have an effect on TV in their time, then we probably wouldn't be discussing how good they were.

My feeling that TOS is the best first season is not confined to it's effect on demographics, that is really peripheral. I vote for TOS because I believe they were strong character driven plots.

Some of the episodes are story lines that could have come straight out of the X-Files. I just rewatched "The Man Trap" today (all part of my ramp up for STCLV 2013), the one with the shape-shifting salt sucking vampire with suction cup fingers. I feel that is an example of an episode that would carry very well with modern treatment and production values.

Once again, fun discussion.

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