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Xindi in future Star Trek movies


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Probably not as an attagonist, maybe a mention of them or something


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I think it would be cool to show them slowly intergrating with the Federation thus seeing a few in the background here or there.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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It would be possible to have the Xindi (mentioned or real) in the sequel, as Archer negotiated these to be with the end of this season friendly. A part of the Federation indeed along else seen on the Enterprise-J for perhaps a new series.

Fleet Admiral Braxton

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The Xindi Just Did Not Impress Me. I Don't Think They Deserve A Motion Picture Appearance.


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I did suggestion idea moving Twilight timeline were Caption Kirk and rest main stars beam into twilight timeline transport accident however smell different Mayweather never still alive leading T’pol agree return to Vuclan in return for Vuclan help Archer out.  Leaving Trip in command of NX Enterprise leading to Caption Kirk and Leonard "Bones" McCoy TOS debate over ethic issues us biological weapon order stop Xindi genocide campaign. Kirk argue that man kind be destroy if they do not and no time waste. Scotty suggestion another option build Constitution-class starship more design war little real scientific able and upgrade the fleet 4 starship Earth fleet 22 century weapons and shields. Mean while Doctor McCoy with help Lt. Uhura send information Vuclan code so only Vuclan get it Xindi unable pick up. Xindi some pick up and head of that final battle starts. Consistinian class warship battle destroy Xindi invasion fleet the Kirk rest stars beam back to USS Enterprise with Xindi be one operation transporter.    

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