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Which Vulcan crewmember is the most human?

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Among a mainly human crew, the Vulcans try to stay rational, but can't prevent inner conflicts between sense and sensibility. But which of the three Vulcan main crewmembers do you think is most frequent and intense troubled by emotions? I'm also curious which scene or episode has influenced you in your decision.

I already posted this question a few days ago, but because no one replied, I've changed it into this poll.


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I still haven't made up my mind, but during my contemplation it struck me that I forgot to mention, that mental confusion caused by the 'Pon Farr' has to be excluded in making your decision. Probably everyone would already take this into account, but to be sure of the clearest result, I had to mention it.


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T'Pol because living with humans so long made her more human. The death of her mom, he forced mind meld, and her relationship with Trip all make her more human. Spock would be second, even though he is half human he acts more vulcan most of the time. Tuvok is last because I can't remember any time were he acted human, if he did I'm sure the occurances were few and far between


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Spock's mother was human.  So, he was the most human.  Also, although he tried to downplay it, I think he acted very human--for a Vulcan, at least.

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I would have to go with Spock. He is half human, and in the pilot episode of TOS, we see a Spock that not only smiles, but shows emotion when he speaks. i think Spock is constantly struggling with his human side vs. vulcan side. When he was younger, he had a hard time dealing with how kids treated him bc he was a hybrid. In the episode "The Naked Time," Spock becomes infected with the virus and hides in a room so that no one will see him crying. Deep down, he's more human than he will ever admit, but giving in to his Vulcan side most likely helped him in Starfleet and in dealing with his youth. 

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T'Pol by a landslide.

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While Spock often struggled with his human half, T'pol seemed to suffer from emotions more, and even required intensive mental therapy after an incident on a mission for Vulcan security turned ugly. She also lost her temper more often then Spock.

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